Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tough Country 12/24 Hour

3496 SW 100th

Augusta, KS 12hrs, 24hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. May 24, 2014


Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.


Have you ever wanted to cover the ultra distance, but just not sure about cut-offs/time constraints or maybe scared of getting lost on a big course???? Well...... here is your solution! We will have a 12 hour and a 24 hour option for you and there is NO minimum distance you have to cover, although..... you do not get a finishers award if you leave early. Our only requirement is you complete 1 loop, thats 1 mile, per hour. Thats right, you are NOT considered a finisher or eligible for an award if you pull from the race early. I will explain further below. These types of races are a true test of mental strentgh as well as physical. To run a 1 mile loop for hours on end can be very difficult mentally. You can stop and sit at anytime you'd like, you can even sleep if you want, but if you leave or pull yourself from the race early....YOU GET NOTHING. The entire goal of these types of races is to see what distance you can cover inthe time alloted. The course is not hilly by any means, but is not flat as a pancake either. We have one incline/downhill and a few small sections of single track, some deer and cattle trail, but you will not step one foot on pavement or concrete, I promise!! If we have heavy rains in the weeks leading up, we do have a little water wash way that will fill and you may have a shin deep water crossing??? We will have finshers long sleeve t-shirts with your name and amount of miles you covered pressed onto the back of the shirt. There will also be a overall male and female award, for most miles covered. You are welcome to come on friday evening and camp, you can set up a tent or bring your camper. We will have running water available for all, but there will be no electricity at the camping area, so bring a generator if you need it. The crews are welcome to set up camp as well and make yourselves at home. We have a stocked pond that crews can pass time at by fishing, (catch and release), we will also have a bonfire that night and cook s'mores and whatever else (wind depending).


What better way to spend Memorial Day weekend???!!! If you are looking for a nice, clean, paved, flat road course; WELL THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. If dirt, rocks, trail, roots and one possible water crossing interest you, COME JOIN US!!!!!! My wife Angel and I strive to put on a great event for the runners and help them reach what ever goal they may have, while making each of them feel like we are out there for them only. This one mile private property loop, will be a blast for all and hopefully, help each runner reach their intened goal! We also understand that crews/families have to endure a long day helping their runner, so we do our best to cater to them as well. Camping, fishing, cooking out and just having fun are WELCOME! PLEASE READ the runners guide 3 part manual, it should answer most, if not all, of the questions you have. Thank you!!!

Runners Guide 1 of 3

Tough Country 12/24 Hour - Runners Manual

Golden Rule to the event
- If you do not complete 1 loop/1mile per hour, you will not be eligible for a finisher’s award or official finishing time.
General Rules
- Please keep in mind that this is our home.
- As stated above, you MUST complete 1 loop per hour. No Exceptions.
- No pacers will be allowed.
- No late starts.
- If you are out on a loop when time ends, you will get credit for that loop, if you finish it.
- Dogs will be allowed, but only on a leash. Please do not let your dog do their “business “on the runner’s path.
- The only crewing or aiding allowed will be at the one designated aide station.
- Runners will be held accountable for all actions of their crews.
- Our drive-way is next to another family’s property; please do not drive any faster than 5mph once you leave the main road. If you are in a car I would HIGHLY suggestion you drive slow at all times.
FYI - Be very careful when entering and exiting our drive way. We live at the base of a hill and the speed limit on 100th St is 55mph. When you exit our drive you really need to get on the gas!!!!

Event Check – In
- You can check-in from 5pm to 7pm Friday evening.
- Race day check-in will be from 6am to 7:45am.
- Gate to the property will close at 10pm Friday night and will not re-open until 5:30am Saturday morning. There is no room to park on the road outside of the property, so please do not show up before 5:30am race day.

Course Description/Marking
- This course is a one mile, private property loop. It will not be a perfect circle; there will be a little zigging and zagging to break up the monotony of running loop.
- There will be a mixture of single track, crushed gravel, deer trail, cattle trail and open prairie.
- You CANNOT get lost. If you get off course, you somehow managed to get over a 5 strand barbed wire fence. DO NOT CROSS any fences.
- There will be colored engineering flags marking the course and at night we will put out some glow sticks.
- We will also mark any large tree roots or any other fall/trip hazards along the course.
- You will need a head lamp during dark hours.
- If we have a rainy spring, your feet will get wet and there will be a few muddy spots.
- Vehicles that may be coming and going will cross the course for about 10ft when exiting the property. All vehicles will yield to runners at all time.
- There will be cows on the course, don’t mess with them, they will not mess with you. Pretty Simple.

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Aide Station/Foods
- We will have one large aide station at the start/finish line, in this same area we will have an area designated for runners drop bags, coolers, chairs, etc etc etc. We encourage you to bring any and all items you may need to get through the day.
- We will provide all of the usual ultra-foods, water, and Gatorade sports drink. Due to the uncertainty of the weather, this aide station will be stocked to weather conditions. If it’s cold and rainy, we will provide hot foods and soups. If it is very warm, we will have tons of fresh fruit and ice.
- We will do our very best to cater to our vegetarian friends. I can assure you we will have some veggie burgers and vegetarian soup of some type.
- In Kansas at this time of year we can have 100 degree temps or we can be 65 degrees and rainy. My best advice to you, check the weather about 3 days prior to the race and pack accordingly.
- If the temps are extreme heat, we will have ice throughout the event.
- If there is a threat of severe weather “tornado or large hail”, the event will be halted temporarily or possibly cancelled. This will be a race director decision at the time of.
- If for any reason the race is cancelled, we will have a one year roll over for your entry. There is NO refunds under any circumstance, please do not ask.

- The will be absolutely NO REFUNDS. If for some reason you cannot make the race or injure yourself, we will have a 1 year roll over policy.
- You must let us know, no later than Friday May 2nd, 2014 if you are deferring to 2015.
- If you do not let us know by May 2nd, 2014; you will forfeit your entry for the event.
- Giving your entry to another runner will be a case by case situation and at the discretion of the race director.

Awards /SWAG
- All entrants will receive a Tough Country T-shirt.
- Finishers of their perspective events will receive a custom finisher’s medal stating the year and race you ran, also a custom long sleeve finishers T-Shirt with your first name and total distance covered pressed on the back.
- Awards will be given out at 9:30pm Saturday May 24th, 2014 for the 12 hour Finishers and at 9:30am Sunday May 25th, 2014 for the 24 hour Finishers.
- Results will be submitted to ultra-signup after the event.

Showers/ Free Camping/Parking/Restrooms
- We will have 2 gravity fed showering enclosures. This will basically be an area enclosed by a shower curtain, outside, that you can rinse off in. There will be no HOT water.
- If you would like to camp Friday night, we will have an area established for tents and campers. Again, this area will not have electricity, bring a generator if you need one, but we will have water you can fill a holding tank if need be.
- If you do have a generator, please think of the others around you and turn it off by 9pm, so others can get a good night sleep.
- The gate to the property will be closed at 10pm Friday night for safety reasons of others camping. If you cannot make it by 10pm Friday, you will not be allowed to camp.
- There will be 2 porta-johns by the camping area and 2 porta-johns by the start/finish.
- We ask that runners use the porta-johns if possible, keep in mind, this is our home please.
- You will be parking in a cattle pasture. If we have heavy rains leading up, it will be mushy. If you get stuck, DO NOT rut up our property trying to get out, let us know and we will pull you out with no issues.

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- You are welcome to camp and bring a grill if you would like to cook out, if we have high winds, we may limit fires.
- We have a stocked pond, you are welcome to fish to pass the time, catch and release please.
- We will have a bonfire (wind depended) at night. If we do, we will provide s’mores stuff for everyone.
- You can come and go as you please, but keep in mind; you will cross the course for about 10 feet when exiting the property. YOU WILL yield at all times to runners.

- Our property is 3 miles east of Augusta, Kansas.
- Augusta has a Wal-Mart, a few gas stations and some fast food places to eat.
- There are a few small motels, if you want a large hotel or more options, we are just a little over 20 miles away from Wichita, Kansas, you will find everything you need there.

Directions to the event below
3496 SW 100th St
Augusta, Kansas 67010

From the East
If you are coming from the east on HWY 400, take the Haverhill road exit. Go north once you exit onto Haverhill Rd, in a ½ mile you will come to a stop sign, this will be 100th St. Turn left on 100th St, you will go around ½ mile and our property will be on the right or north side of the road. We will have the drive way visibly marked. Our drive is at the base of a hill, so if you have any vehicles close behind you, turn on your blinker at the top of the hill for safety.
From the West/Wichita
Take HWY 400/Kellogg east to the City of Augusta. Continue through Augusta on HWY 400/Kellogg, once you leave town you will cross an overpass immediately. At the bottom of the overpass you will take an immediate left, I believe the sign says County Road, but you are now on 100th St. Continue east for 3.2miles on100th St, you will see our property drive way on your left/north side of the road.

Thank you for choosing our event, we are always open for ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism on how to make our event better for you!

Local time: 5:14 PM