This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 18, 2014

The Course

All races start and finish at the south trailhead. The first 2 miles follow the Lakeside Trail to the west end of the dam. Follow the Tashka Trail for the next 3.8 miles to the Five Oaks Loop Trail. After 3.0 miles on the Five Oaks Trail you will continue on the Tashka Trail for 4.8 miles to the North Trailhead. Turn around at the North Trailhead aid station and follow the Tashka Trail 0.2 miles to the Ridge Trail. Continue on the Ridge Trail for 1.3 miles. From here, follow the flagged course 0.435 miles back to the start / finish area. The 50K is a two loop course. (Hey, it beats 125 laps on the track)  The 25K is one loop. The 4 mile race follows the Lakeside Trail to the west end of the dam and back. (see MAP)

Local time: 2:52 AM


Walt White
Race Director

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