Cancelled.... for now

Registration was open for over a month with super low prices and nobody signed up. I'm calling off the 2015 event for now to focus energy on the Cimarron 50k, Gunnison 100k, Colorado 200, and Ouray 100. The Beetle Kill may return, but not in 2015. -Charles

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

“Brutal. A bear. Remote. Vertical. Unrunnable. Fallen Trees. Beautiful. Dragon Ball Z course.” Part high-altitude ultramarathon, part obstacle course, part wilderness trek, Beetle Kill is something a little different. Don’t count on manicured trails, crowd support, or fancy aid stations. You probably shouldn’t count on finishing either.

The Crawford 100 in 2014 was a bad idea. It proved a formidable challenge to a solid group of graduate ultrarunners. So we changed the name and made it longer.

0.0% asphalt. Mostly single track (not the kind you dream about) with some Jeep roads as well. 2X out and back. ~9,500 ft. average elevation. ~50,000 ft. of elevation change (25k gain and loss) over last year’s approximately 100 miles. Expect the Beetle Kill to have more. 48 hour cutoff. Starts at sunset (8:32 PM) on Friday night and ends at sunset on Sunday. All racers will get a crappy t-shirt. Winners will get a log that was killed by beetles.

2014 Race Reports:

The Mountain Pine Beetle has devastated many forests in recent years, including parts of the Gunnison National Forest east of Crawford, CO. Learn more about the epidemic and what is being done to fight it here:


50k - Runners must be able to touch their toes OR be able to rub their belly and pat their head simultaneously.
100k - Must complete a 50k or longer event in the year of, or the year prior to the race (you may qualify after registering).
200k - Must complete a 50M or longer event in the year of, or the year prior to the race (you may qualify after registering).


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