Saturday, Aug 23, 2014

Green Lakes Endurance Runs

Old Admin Building

Fayetteville, NY 100K, 50K

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 23, 2014

Race Start Time

The 50K Race will Start at 7AM. The 100K Race is on Hiatus until 2018. Sorry

100K Event Validation

Regretfully, the 100K Race will be on Hiatus until 2018. First things first, unfortunately given the Sunday race date this year based on the Old Admin Building’s availability, we just did not receive enough registration-level interest to justify maintaining the race with the level of support required very late into a Sunday night. Nor did we want to opt to hold the race without using the Admin Building as that’s the best race supporting venue I’ve seen participating in more than 70 ultra-marathons and marathons. We hope that the 15-20 folks that were interested in running the 100K will join us for the 50K race. If I’m still RD in 2018 we will bring the 100K back


The course has a widely varied trail surface that includes well maintained single and double track trail, grassy single track, dirt roads and a bit of asphalt too, on a course that is extremely "runnable" as trail courses go . Two ascents and one long descent traverse the upland forest. These steep shaded trails have some roots, ruts, and stones. The trails in the upper meadows are mostly dirt, grass, rolling, and unshaded. The meadows are referred to as the Serengeti. Each lap's 5 km of running in the Serengeti can make for a challenging summer ultra if Mother Nature offers a warm sunny day. The lake trails are shaded, have a few roots and are generally flat. Overall, the course lends itself to quick running without technical hikes.


A well-supported run with 2 stocked aid stations and 1 unmanned water drop; racers are always within 3.75 miles of the next aid on the course.  Participants and crew can position their own bags, coolers, chairs & canopies (10'x10' max) beside the Main Aid Station and along the paved footpath that brings the participants to the Main Aid Station. Some cool finisher awards and gear.

Course Time Limit

The Race clock is only slightly different this year without the 100K event. The race officially closes 10 hours after the 7AM race start. You’ve got 10 hours, until 5PM, to complete all 4 laps. All racers must start the 4th lap by the 7.5 hour mark from the race’s start- projected to be at 2:30PM (1430 for you military folks). That is equal to an 18:45 MPH pace.

Local time: 6:07 PM


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