This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 2, 2014


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Saturday August 1 , 2015 at 8 AM is when the FUN begins.. There will be 2 races to choose from a heavy half Marathon and a 36 mile ultra. Last year was the third year and we had 115 runners about evenly split for both races. The weather was perfect. Everyone was happy , happy , happy especially the 14 mile runners as we had a new finish thru the woods. Trail marking was perfect. If you ran this race last year you know we had some Mud and some wonderful stinging nettles. In case you didn't know it takes only about 10 minutes for the itching to stop after you have encountered the nettles. My intention is to reduce the out and back section for the 36 milers so that we can utilize the same finish as the 14 milers thru the woods on easy wide ski trails. When I asked for feedback that got the most votes. Also I will be able to provide either technical shirts or similar style cotton shirt as last year. Also there will be a choice of Youth shirts. You will have a choice assuming you sign up early. Anyone signing up late will get a cotton shirt or no shirt depending on how late the sign up is. Color has not been chosen yet. For sizing descriptions please log onto my website before registering unless of course you already know what size works for you. My wife will make an extra batch of her yummy home made beans so the late runners need not worry about missing out. So spread the word and sign up early.

Local time: 6:36 AM


John Izzo
Race Director

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