This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 11, 2014



This is a point to point course. Your entry also includes the bus ride to the start area.

The 50-mile course starts at the Cool Horse Staging Area and will follow the American River Trail, WS Trail, and the Pioneer Express Trail to Folsom, Ca. The race will end on the American River Bike at Negro Bar Recreation Area. The course will stay on the trails 95% of the time and only join the bike path to connect the trail.

The post party will feature pizza and vegan food, as well as local craft beer.
Pacer are only to join the runner at designated spots. Please, see the chart below for detailed instructions.

Pacers are not allowed in the Relay race.


Relay team

Come test your limits as a team! - You and another of your friends can run all the way from Cool, CA to Folsom, CA

Only one runner at a time. This event consist of Two legs:

1st leg - From Cool to Auburn Overlook point (25.2 miles**)

2nd leg - From Auburn Overlook to Finish at Negro Bar recreation area (24.8 miles**)

**All distances are approximate.

Runners will have to switch bib numbers. We recommend using a running belt to quickly switch the number between runners.

Cut off times

The event will have a total allotted time of 14:00hrs.

Click here for more information.

Local time: 7:13 AM


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