Saturday, Jun 14, 2014


Rue Principale

KINGSBURY, QC 80K, 25 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 14, 2014

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About the event


The race will start in the “chemin de la rivière” along St François River at Windsor to go to Kingsbury by a very fast gravel road. At Kingsbury, you will turn around the fen to arrive in a single track which passes in the pinewood. The trail follows a river and you will a run on a mountainside in the forest on a technical single track, technical enough to have fun. You will cross a trail for all-terrain 4x4 vehicles and you will not take it. You will go ahead. You will arrive at the top of a natural climbing wall. And you will go down. Just take a look back as you will have to walk in the stones because the view on the cliff is very beautiful. Then you will arrive in the Brompton section where some ascent will be waiting for you in the forest. Up hills and down hills will alternate, with some technical parts (climb-go down-climb-run fact-walk-climb-climb-climb-climb...). you will climb at the summit of the Mont Cathedrale to go down (again!!!) be careful because the descents can be very fast or not. Once again, big stones will be waiting for you. But hopefully, you will arrive to the “Chemin des nénuphars”. At the end of this one, you will see a supplies place and the turn around, you will have run 44km. You will find here your first friend: your drop bag.

You will continue on the “Chemin des nénuphars” and then on the “Chemin des bucherons” and you will enter the forest again to take your course against the grain. You won’t go to the Mont Cathedrale but you will take a small secret shortcut (all shortcuts are secret ones ;-)) by the “sentier des lacs”, but the gradient of the uphill will be more important. You will recognize (or not) the trail you would have take during the go. You will join the 22 road again but this time you will run about 3-4 km on the road to Brompton where your second friend is waiting for you (or not...) : your pacer. You will take the all-terrain 4x4 vehicles trail for 9 km and you will enter AGAIN !!! in the single track because you love it to arrive to Kingsbury’s fen. You will turn around the fen ONCE AGAIN !!! (you find it beautiful too and anyway you will be arriving... you can do everything when the arrival is near), and you will reach the Finish Line !

Local time: 11:18 AM


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