Sunday, Oct 12, 2014

Whoos in El Moro

Crystal Cove State Park

Newport Beach, CA 50K, 25K

This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 12, 2014

50k Turn by Turn

50k Runners will start in front of the wooden bridge and run down Moro Canyon 1 mile, then will turn right UP I think I can 1.1 miles, at the top stay to the right and merge onto Moro Ridge for 1 mile to the First Aid Station at at the top of BFI and make a UTURN continue on Moro Ridge for 3 miles to Missing links fun technical down single track for .6 miles to the Slow n Easy aid station where you will cruise down to the left and run 1.25 miles to Moro Canyon continue on for 1.5 miles to West cut across up .6 miles to the aid station, stay to the right and go down Red tail .6 up Rattlesnake technical single track 1 mile to Deer Canyon make a hard left .4 miles of down and up Ticketron 1 mile, make a left at the top onto No Name .8 miles to West Cut Across go left a fast down .6 miles to Poles make a hard right UP .5 miles merge left at at the top onto No Dogs go down the fun .6 ocean view down to the Turn around aid station mile (15.57). Turn around and REPEAT your steps to the finish line.



10K Turn by Turn

Start at the Bridge and run 1 mile down MORO CANYON to I THINK I CAN and go 1.1 miles to the top and turn right on MORO RIDGE towards BFI aid station . This is your turn around spot now, go back same way you ran to the finish line!

50 mile

50k course then connecting into the Laguna Wilderness trails for a fun loop :)

Race Address

Crystal Cove State Park
8471 N. PCH
Laguna Beach

25 K Turn by Turn

The 25 k Runners will start at the base of the No Dogs trail ( 50k turn around aid station) and run up .6 miles merge to the right to run down Poles .4 miles to West cur across and left sharp left up .6 miles to No Name turn right and proceed for .8 miles to Ticketron make a right turn on the fun fast down and up single track for 1 mile then up Deer Canyon .4 miles to Rattlesnake turn sharp right down awesome single track for 1 mile merge to the right onto Redtail run down and up .4 miles to west cut across aid station make a left down .6 miles to Moro Canyon , run 1.5 miles up Moro Canyon merge left onto Slow n Easy 1.25 up to aid station make a right onto Mission link single track and run up .4 miles at the top turn right onto Moro Ridge and run a fun rolling ocean view fire road for 3 miles to the BFI aid station where you will make a UTURN and run back 1 mile to I think I can and make a left turn down for 1.1 miles to the bottom , turn Left onto Moro Ridge and run fast and solid 1miles to the finish line.

Local time: 8:53 AM


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