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Solstice Stampede 48 Hour Challenge

Solstice Stampede 48 & 24 Hour Challenge is a fixed-time event. The object is to travel as far as possible in the time allotted.

The 48 hour race begins on June 19, 2015 8:00pm and ends on June 21, 2015 8:00pm.

The 24 hour race begins on June 19, 2015 and ends on June 20, 2015 8:00pm.


Solstice Stampede will be held at Hunter Cattle Company, located in Brooklet, GA.
934 Driggers Rd, Brooklet, GA 30415 912-823-BEEF(2333)

Hunter Cattle Company is family owned and operated Farm. They are a “pastured and sustainable” farm that raises cattle, hogs, and chickens without giving them antibiotics, hormones or caging them. They also have other animals such as horses, rabbits, goats, turkeys, lambs, and ducks. All of their animals are raised and treated humanely. Their local community uses the farm as a place for gatherings, banquets, and birthday parties. They host “Night on the Farm” events where there is live entertainment and dinner is served.From their “Moo Ma’s Farm Store”, they sell grassfed beef, pastured pork, free range chicken and eggs. They also support neighboring family farms by carrying their vegetables and products in our store. Hunter Cattle Co. invites everyone who has ever wanted to be a farmer or rancher to come experience that dream with us. Spend a day, or a week, on our family farm.

Staging Area
The race staging area is a 2 acre grassy field, where runners can set up tables, tents, and personal items for the race. It is a perfect area to sleep during the race. An additional dirt lot on the south side of the course is available for runners to park their cars, trucks, campers, or RV’s along the course for quick access during the race.

Primitive open air showers are available through out the event.

Camping and Sleeping Accommodations
Camping during the event is permitted in both the grassy race staging area as well as the dirt lots on the south and east side of the course. Neither of these areas are covered, and runners are encouraged to bring their own tents, canopies or RV’s (for the south lot). There is no additional charge for camping when you bring your own tent, but runners flying in from out of state may rent tents and cots with registration. Participants may begin setting up on Friday, June 19, 2015 at 8:00am.

Race Rules and Etiquette

Races begin promptly at 8:00pm. If you arrive late for the start of your race you may still compete, but the time you’ve missed is lost and cannot be made up. A mandatory pre-race meeting will take at 7:00 pm prior to the start of both races. At the 8:00pm start, you will begin circling the course. Thereafter, you will change direction every four hours (at 12:00am, 4:00am, etc.). Many runners find this helps minimize overuse injuries as weight is shifted a bit differently on the curves. We ask that all runners complete their current laps before exiting the course to visit their tents or cars.

Remember, there are no DNFs in a fixed-time track race. The objective is only to go as far as you can (or desire) in the allotted time. Of course, the more time you spend moving forward on the course, the more distance you will accumulate. If you wish to stop completely well before the official end of your race, inform the race director, or whoever is in the timing booth at the time, that you are quitting or leaving early. The event ends at exactly 8:00pm on the day your particular fixed time event ends.

It is assumed that each participant is there to do his or her best, and has an equal right to pursue personal goals. In a race of this type, it is to be expected that even the best will walk for periods of time, particularly those in the longer races. Always pass others on the outside. An exception to this policy is the case of two or more persons running or walking together. Persons traveling around the course in groups should always leave an inside channel open so faster runners do not have to travel far to the outside to get around them. In all cases, remember to show common courtesy, and that most of us run for the enjoyment and thrill of the experience. In addition to this general rule, we ask that you please travel single file through the main timing check-point.

Solstice Stampede encourages family and friends to be a part of the race and support all runners. However, due to the limited track space/width, and respect for the participants, pacers are not allowed in the traditional sense common to fixed distance ultra running events. Yet, family and friends are an important part of the race, and are often eager to see the course and do a lap with their runner. In this spirit, the following arrangements have been made:

Guest Bibs

1. A total of 5 (five) guest bibs will be available at the race this year (located near the timing tent). Family and friends wishing to do a lap with their runner may check out one of the bibs and accompany their runner for a lap, then check the bib back in. One guest may accompany a runner at a time, and must yield to all race participants. Any person inside the Hunter Cattle Company course complex must be wearing a bib. The purpose of the guest bib is to allow family and friends a chance to see the entire course at Hunter Cattle Company, not to provide a means for “pacing” a runner. 2. Pacing is not allowed in the traditional sense often seen in many other ultra distance events. Runners with guests accompanying them for multiple laps or multiple times a day will be asked to stop, as this is not in the spirit of the fixed time format at Solstice Stampede. If someone wishes to spend extended periods on the course, they are encouraged to sign up themselves! Timing Your time and distance for each completed lap will be recorded at the single aid station after completing each lap. You must complete a lap prior to visiting your tent and/ or vehicle and prior to changing directions on the course or your lap will not be counted. Food At Solstice Stampede, we host a fully stocked aid station 24 hours a day. Once the race has started, we will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day in addition to having many of the traditional staple items available at all our events. Staple items include peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, roll-ups, cookies, candies, coffee, soda and sports drinks. We also have snack items offered on different days at various times in between our traditional meals like M & M pancakes, quesadillas, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Breakfast with pancakes or French toast sticks, and egg sandwiches. Lunch is usually a type of sandwich or wrap. Dinners have consisted of items like pasta, burgers, pizza or burritos. A “tentative” menu will be posted in May. We reserve the right to adjust the menu even after it is posted. We will notify you accordingly at the race. It is impossible to supply food that caters to every individual taste, but we will do our best to meet the general needs of our runners. We typically work at providing meals with meat or vegan or vegetarian options. We are familiar with many special food needs and philosophies including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and meat needs. If you have a specific food allergy, please make us aware of it and we will try to provide options for you. If you desire specific types of food and drink to meet your individual needs, please bring them along with your normal race gear. Weather Mid June forecast in the Brooklet, GA can be classified as HOT and HUMID. Average temperatures range from 89-94 degrees with heat indexes well over 104. Fluid replacement is critical during the day. Potential for rain is also likely and runners should be prepared for any and all weather situations. Awards The awards ceremony will be held shortly after the conclusion of each race. Runners that earn a buckle of their event must stick around for the presentation to receive their awards. All medals will be presented when runners finish their designated event. All runners are encouraged to attend the awards ceremony and cheer on your fellow runners. The awards ceremony will be held near the finish line at the conclusion of the 24 day race on June 20th and in the same location after the end of the 48 hour race on June 21st. All runners will receive a glass mug finisher award (even if you leave your event early!). Runners achieving distance standards will additionally receive the following: 1. If you complete 100 miles you will receive a silver buckle 2. If you complete 150 miles you will receive a larger Gold buckle If you are the overall male or female winner you will receive a winners trophy for the 24 and 48 hour event.


All of our buckles will be custom made to reflect the actual distance in which you ran during the race. We will have a sample of the buckles on hard for you to take a photo with at the end of your race. Our Buckle company will be standing by to produce your hard earned award as quickly as possible and these will be mailed out to you directly. You will be very pleased with the finished award, we promise!!!

Local time: 8:53 AM


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