Saturday, Apr 11, 2015 @ 8:00 AM

Blind Pig 100

450 Croft State Park Rd

Spartanburg SC 100 Miler, 100K

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 11, 2015

Cancelled Event



The course is a 9 mile loop of mostly single track trail with about one half mile of soft dirt road. There are a few hills and some roots & rocks. No major climbs or downhill sections and your feet won't get wet unless it rains. The total elevation for the entire race is about 6,500 Feet.

100 mile runners will complete a 1/2 mile out and back (1 mile total) on a gravel road at the beginning of the race. This is only one time, at the beginning, to even out the total mileage to 100. They will then complete eleven 9 mile loops.

100K runners will complete seven 9 mile loops.

The course will be marked with reflective ground flags that are visible both day and night.
The trail head is located between campsites #10 and #11.
A portion of the course runs along the backside of a firing range. Runners will hear gunshots throughout the day. Please stay on the trail.

Timing / Awards

The race will begin at 8am on Saturday with a 30 hour cut-off for both events. There are no secondary or aid station cut-off times. All runners that complete their designated distance by 2pm on Sunday will have their official time recorded.

Laps will be recorded both on paper and splits recorded directly into Ultra Signup. Runners are responsible at the completion of each lap to ensure the lap counters have acknowledged and recorded that lap.

Live updates and runner tracking will be available through Ultra Signup during the course of the event.

Runners that complete 100 miles within 30 hours will be awarded a custom buckle. Runners that complete 100K will receive a custom medal.

1st place male and 1st place female in each of the 100 mile and 100k events will be rewarded with replica WWII mortar rounds.

100 mile runners may request to have their 100K split recorded if they are unable to complete 100 miles. 100k runners that wish to attempt 100 miles may do so by notifying the RD upon completion of 100k.

Directions / Parking

Blind Pig 100 is held at Croft State Park in Spartanburg, SC.

For GPS purposes: 450 Croft State Park Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29302

Upon arrival at the park you will pass a payment box at the gate. Registered runners and crew sharing that vehicle are not required to pay, this is covered in your registration and you will be issued a parking pass at check in/packet pickup. All other crew, family or friends that come out will be required to make payment ($2 per adult/ 15 and under free - cash only) prior to entry and display that payment tag in the vehicle.

For safety purposes, all vehicles (runner, family or crew) that will remain in the park after general park hours, will be required to display an overnight pass that can be obtained from the RD at the main aid station.

Drive approximately 3 miles until you reach the only STOP sign.
Runners and crew that need to stage gear will turn into the campgrounds on the right and proceed to your assigned site. Once you have dropped/staged gear all vehicles will be moved to the parking area.

Family and friends that come to support runners during the race will not turn into the campgrounds but rather continue straight to the designated parking area.

With the exception of race staff, there will be no parking on the campgrounds from 745am Saturday through the completion of the race.


Campsites 1-25 are reserved for registered runners and their crew from Friday through Sunday afternoon. Runners are welcome to arrive and set up on their designated site beginning Friday at noon. Sites will be assigned and shared with other runners and crew. Campsite assignments will be emailed to registered runners upon registration closing and finalization of the roster. Each site has electric and water hookups. The course is designed to include the road around the campgrounds to ensure each runner access to their crew and gear on each loop. During registration runners will have the opportunity to designate the need of a tent spot or RV spot. Runners that will not be setting up a sleeping tent or RV will be able to stage gear and/or a canopy tent in the designated area near the main aid station. The main aid station is located at campsite #10. Runners/crew are NOT required to register or check-in with the Rangers Office. All check-ins will be done at campsite #10.


Pacers are permitted around sundown on Saturday and through the completion of the race. Pacers are required to register with the RD at the main aid station prior to going on course. Pacers are expected to follow race rules while on course.

Packet Pick-up

Packet pick-up will be Saturday, April 22nd, from 7-745am at campsite # 10.

Please have ID available at packet pick-up.


A fully stocked aid station will be at the start/finish of each loop. Food requests/recommendations can be made during registration. Hot foods will be served at various times including pizza, burgers/veggie burgers, soup, grilled cheese, and pancakes.

A second aid station will be located at the halfway point of the loop. This aid station will not be manned the entire time and will be used primarily for fluid replacement. Crews will not have access to this aid station.

Drop bags for the 2nd aid station are permitted. Please have them marked with your name and bib # to be collected at check in. Keep in mind the 2nd aid station will not be manned the entire race. Please do not put anything of value in your drop bag.

Race Rules

*Only registered runners can compete. Bib transfers are not authorized without prior approval.

*Runner and pacer bibs must be visible at all times on course.

*Check in Saturday, no later than 745am, is mandatory.

*Pacers must be registered.

*Runners must stay on the marked course and complete each lap in its entirety.

*All runners are required to have a light source after sunset.

*All runners are required to have water (or selected fluid) at all times on the course.

*Runners are required to stay on site until the completion of their designated distance to record an official finish time. Runners can break, sleep, etc, but it must be done within the camp grounds. Crew members/pacers are welcome to come and go.

*Be respectful to other runners, staff, and park property.

*For the safety of the race, staff, and all parties involved, runners that are injured or not physically capable of completing the race will be pulled from the course.

*A violation of race rules could result in disqualification as well as being banned from future events. The Race Director and acting staff has the final say.

*There will be no refunds or deferrals/roll-overs. Transfers require RD approval and will not be granted if there is a wait-list (unless runners transfer to the next on wait list). Transfers and drops will be accepted until registration closing. All others will be recorded as a DNS.

Local time: 11:34 AM


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