Saturday, Nov 8, 2014

Paris Mountain Ultra

2401 State Park Rd, Greenville, SC 29609

Greenville , SC 50m , 50M 4 Per Relay, 50M 2 Per Relay, 50km

Registration closes: Wed, Nov 5 @ 11:59PM

Paris Mountain Ultra

- 50 Miler
- 50 Kilometer
- 2 Person Relay 50 Miler
- 4 Person Relay 50 Miler

Race Start Time: 8am
Park Closes: 8pm
(No Cutoff but the park is closing the gate at 8pm so you are advised to reserve a campsite. 40 available will hold 4-6 people for those who want to carpool / bunk up)

Race Cap:
35 Total - 50 Miler
35 Total - 50 Kilometer
10 Teams - 2 Person
5 Team - 4 Person

Awards: Top 3 in each event overall (Male/Female)

Course Map is available on our facebook page! Aid Station will be stocked to need and we are asking for a small food donation to keep the cost as registration as low as possible!

Food Donor Coupon

We are trying to keep registration costs low while maintaining high quality races in great areas like Paris Mountain State Park. We are requesting a food donation for the event up to 5 dollars worth of food and in return we will donate 5 dollars off your next Without Limits directed race! Please inquire!

Park Information

We have rented out the pavilion #3 for for the day. It has power, restrooms, and water supply. The gate opens up at 6am but I am asking them to give us the gate code if people want to arrive earlier than that before our 8am race start! Also there are camp sites available up to 40 sites for people that want to come in from out of town. For those who plan on running late into the night but do not want to reserve a camp site there is a HUGE ball field that we will be using as out ULTRA Field for the runners!


Course is 7.15 Miles
50 Mile Relay
2 Person
Person 1 Runs
- Lap 1
- Lap 3
- Lap 5
- Lap 7
Person 2
- Lap 2
- Lap 4
- Lap

4 Person Relay
Person 1
- Lap 1
- Lap 5
Person 2
- Lap 2
- Lap 6
Person 3
- Lap 3
- Lap 7
Person 4
- Lap 4

Local time: 6:01 AM
Matthew Hammersmith
Race Director