This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 27, 2014


9:45am: Pre-race instructions.

  • Please report each completed loop to a volunteer before heading back out so we can keep track of your progress. We can also then upload news updates to Twitter and Just kidding.
  • The full 50K is 6 loops (31+ miles) through Bridle Trails State Park.
  • DNFs ARE encouraged! (Please be considerate enough to complete at least one full loop (5.2 miles) so we do not worry that you got lost or abducted.)
9:52am: Pledge of Allegiance

9:54am: God Bless America

9:56am: Star Spangled Banner

10:00am: The race begins!*

  • * By which we mean, the clock starts and you start drinking your beer! The event follows the standard beer mile protocol that states you drink before you run. So once you've finished your first beer, you're clear to start your loop(s). A fresh (and full) glass of beer will await your return. At past events, Mac & Jack's Brewery has been the kind supporter and provider of said beer. Eric Sach has confirmed this tradition will continue in 2014. And let us reiterate that non-alcoholic folks can also participate with their (preferably carbonated) beverage of choice, but they will not qualify for the overall race victory.
  • The race (as well as each loop) will start and finish at the home of the very generous SRC member Peter Kline. If you'd like to play basketball in between loops, I'm sure that can be arranged.


The Fat Glass 50k will be similar to the Bridle Trails Winter Trail Running Festival but in nice weather and during normal running hours. This will be a fully supported fun-run ultra at NO cost to current Seattle Running Club members. Non-club members are also more than welcome to participate, but we would like those to either consider becoming members of the Seattle Running Club, or making a small $20 donation to help fund the event and support the club. (To join the Seattle Running Club, click here)

There will be fun activities for the whole family. A potluck will be available shortly after the race begins and there will be "aid station" type food available throughout the event. All members and friends of the Seattle Running Club are encouraged to join us. Last year, Peter Kline's son was inside the house playing Grand Theft Auto, if that kind of thing interests you.

Local time: 9:23 AM


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