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The course consists of a 14-mile loop and an 11-mile loop, upon which runners will alternate to achieve their given distance. Runners will start east on a 14-mile, counter-clockwise loop from Cool Firehouse, east to Pig Farm and Salt Creek, north toward the American River and south back into Cool. Next, they will follow an 11-mile, clockwise loop from Cool Firehouse toward Northside School, to Knickerbocker, to the Rim Trail, past the radio towers, back to Northside School and Knickerbocker, and back to Cool. This course is not easy, do not take it lightly.

The course consists of single track and fire roads.

14-mile Loop elevation approximately 2800′
11-mile Loop elevation approximately 1150′


Saturday August 9, 2014 8:00am 100M & 50M Sunday August 10, 2014 8:00am 25M & 14M

Local time: 5:52 AM


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Jimmy Gabany
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