This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 15, 2015


A very difficult and exceptionally beautiful run through the Pioneer Mountains.  Entrants will reach a high point of 11,000 during the course of the race.  Entry should NOT be taken lightly. This race is an excellent trainer for any high-altitude 50 or 100 Miler.  Runners will receive a unique award for finishing this event. The 2015 event only has a few spots left...

PRIZE PURSE: Prizes will be donated by our fabulous sponsors. Our major goal in 2015 is to raise $2,000 for the ARPKD/CHF Alliance. We raised $1,000 in 2014!

25K OPTION: This will take place over the last half of the 60K. Please do not sign up for this if you are a wimp. It has over twice the elevation of Robie Creek and is over very remote terrain. ALL your aid is hiked in.

2015 Stage Race

Registration is currently open for the SUC. The race will be limited to 50 spots. This stages will be 12.9 mi/14.5 mi/18 mi/37 mi over the course of four days. This SIMPLY will not be the event to miss. 83 miles with over 23,000 ft of elevation gain over some very remote and beautiful terrain. Your entry fee will get you free camping and shuttling, some very nice race schwag, some cool clothing, plus all the standard race amenities you typically see at backcountry ultramarathons. This will be a "family" event, where runners are encouraged to make new friends and learn more about their fellow competitors.

Local time: 3:12 AM


Ben Blessing
Race Director

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