A 100 mile ultra and relay running on the Arizona Trail from Flagstaff, AZ to Tusayan, AZ, following the historic stagecoach line tourists took to reach the Grand Canyon. This event is a fundraiser for the Arizona Trail Association.  There is a 30-hour cut-off.  The course ranges from single
track to varying degrees of dirt road and two-track and from heavily vegetated
ponderosa pine and aspen forests to sparsely vegetated pinion-juniper
grasslands. The course starts at 7,500 feet, reaches a maximum elevation of 8,500 feet, finishes at 6,600 feet, and has approximately 7,000 feet of

Team Breakdown

2-person (55- & 45-mile legs)
4-person (34-, 21-, 26-, & 20-mile legs)
6-person (21-, 18-, 16-, 13-, 13-, 19-mile legs)
8-person (11-, 11-, 17-, 16-, 13-, 13-, 8-, 12-mile legs)

Local time: 12:43 PM


Ian Torrence
Race Director

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