June 6 - October 4, 2015

Bad Ass Slam


Multi Location, OH Bad Ass Slam

This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 4, 2015


The all new Bad Ass Slam of Ultrarunning is an award to recognize those who take on and conquer four of the most grueling 100 mile trail races on this side of the USA. Our intention is to create a slam that is so brutally tough that those who complete it will truly earn the title of Certified Bad Ass!

PLEASE UNDERSTAND! This will be an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT UNDERTAKING! It is meant to test your physical and mental fortitude. The Bad Ass Slam is an adventure that will lead you through 400 miles of rugged, technical, relentlessly brutal trails, and up and up and up for over 120,000 feet of climbing. This slam is not about simply completing four 100 mile trail races between June and October of the same calendar year. It is about conquering that voice in your head yelling at you to stop. It is about pushing through the pain, the exhaustion and the elements to achieve your dreams. It is about undertaking and overcoming the most Bad Ass adventure you have ever had!

Each event included in the Bad Ass Slam offers its own unique challenges. Hell Hole Hundred is in the summer, adding grueling heat to its already daunting list of obstacles. Death before DNF is including additional tasks on-top of a brutal course. To really round-out the torture right, Not Yo Momma’s and Cloudsplitter, both super-tough races in their own right, take place on back-to-back weekends.

The Bad Ass Slam of Ultrarunning is open to any and all crazy-ass, tough-as-nails mountain goats who have read all this and still want to take it on.

The Races

Hell Hole Hundred Bethera, SC June 6-7, 2015/
Death Before DNF 100 Black Mountain, NC August 15-16, 2015/
Not Yo Momma’s 100 Chillicothe, OH September 26-27, 2015 www.50sForYoMomma.com /
Cloudsplitter 100 Pine Mountain, KY October 3-4, 2015

Check out and register for each of the Bad Ass Slam races here on Ultrasignup!


The Bad Ass Slam of Ultrarunning is open to any and all crazy-ass, tough-as-nails mountain goats who have read all this and still want to take it on.

To be eligible for the Bad Ass Slam of Ultrarunning award, you have to do two things:

First, sign up! Unlike most slams, there is NO FEE for the Bad Ass Slam award. Individual event fees for the Hell Hole Hundred, Death Before DNF 100, Not Yo Momma’s 100 and Cloudsplitter 100 are very reasonable.

Remember that registration for the Bad Ass Slam of Ultrarunning DOES NOT include entry into any of the individual events. By registering for the Slam you are simply declaring your intent to take on all four of our 100 mile races, and to be eligible for The Bad Ass Slam of Ultrarunning award. You MUST register to be included in the Slam, and you must do so by May 1st, 2015.

Second, you must complete all four of the above listed 100 mile races within their official time limits, within the same calendar year. Individual race time limits can be found on the event websites.

Award & Swag

All those who are officially registered by the May 1st deadline, and who complete all four 100 mile races within the official time limits, will receive an award as uniquely Bad Ass as they are! All official finishers will also receive a Bad Ass Slam hoodie or jacket. Images will be available soon! Additionally, you will be dubbed “Certified Bad Ass!”

What Are You Waiting For?

Remember that some of the events fill up, so be sure to register early to secure your spot as a Bad Ass!

Local time: 8:52 AM


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