Sunday, Apr 26, 2015 @ 8:00 AM

Backside Trail Marathon

Seneca and Cherokee Parks

Louisville, KY Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Sun. Apr 26, 2015

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We also have a website BacksideTrailMarathon.Weebly.Com

Directions to Start/ Packet Pick Up/ Etc

Race will start at the parking lot by the basketball courts in Seneca Park, nearest intersection is Cherokee Gardens and Pee Wee Reese Road, zip 40207. 

GPS coordinates of start: Latitude - Longitude: 38.240756,-85.674632

There will be vendor tents set up and plenty of parking in the parking lots or the grassy fields adjacent to the softball field. 

Race Starts at 0800AM.

Packet pick is at Quest Outdoors, st matthews plaza on Saturday 27th from 4-6 4600 shelbyville road 40207
Packet Picket opens at 7am on Race Morning. 


To anyone who is doing the "Double-Down" please MAKE SURE you answer "yes" at registration. This ensures your special award. 

Sizes you pick at check out are for unisex so choose accordingly!

Every finisher in the Backside Trail Marathon and Half will receive a medal. Special Designations for those who Double at the half and marathon distance.  

What is a Double-Down?

Some people like the idea of running back-to-back races in the same weekend. Typically this is a logistical challenge. This race, The Backside, takes place the day after several nearby marathons and half marathons so this is easy logistically. Should you choose to do this, you'll get some special bling on your medal.

The Course

*Course elevation link and map of half- (Full runs this course twice).

Road Runners Caveat!

This is a TRAIL run, and is much harder than your typical marathon. Be prepared for ADVENTURE and FUN. The trails are high quality single-track, and described as gently rolling, but remember; This is subjective! For someone who has never run trails before these are a great intro into trail running, but don't expect to run your road time or anything close! Expect 130% of your road time or more! Trail running footwear is recommended. 


Quest Outdoors would like to thank:
Headfirst Performance
Shellhamer Ultra Endurance Coaching
Advanced Orthopaedics Physical Therapy

USATF Sanction Pending

We are currently in the works of obtaining a sanction to be designated as an official USATF event! (United States Track and Field)

What is a "sanction"?

A USATF sanction is an official designation issued by USATF, through a local Association, which approves and licenses the holding of a competitive track & field, long distance running or race walking event in the United States. The sanction is also a contract, which evidences the event's commitment to follow national and international rules and regulations of the sport and to provide a safe environment for the participants and spectators. Once the event has satisfied the sanction requirements, the event's application for sanction is approved.

USA Track & Field


No refunds, deferrals are available.

Aid Stations / Drop Bags

There will be three aid stations; one at the start/finish line and two on the 13.1 mile course. This means runners who are doing the full marathon will hit aid stations around miles 4, 6, 9, 12, 13.5, 17,19, 22, 25, Finish. 


You may have ONE drop bag at the start/finish line. NO GARBARGE BAGS. Must be labeled with bib number and name. 

Time Cut

There is a strict 8 hour time limit on the course. You will not be given a time and your timing chip will be removed if not on pace to finish in 8 hours. We would LOVE everyone to finish, but it isn't safe to allow runners on course after the time limit once aid stations are taken down and volunteers have gone home, etc. Our insurance requires this! We're a small community event. Thanks!

Local time: 3:26 PM


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