Registration closes: Wed, Jan 7 @ 6:00 PM


The 2015 event will be September 11-15, 2015

202 miles and up to 100 hours around the largest alpine lake in North America. Welcome to the Tahoe 200!

The Tahoe 200 is the first and only 200 mile single loop mountain trail race in the United States! This incredible route circumnavigates the sparkling, clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe from the Tahoe Rim Trail. The race occasionally detours off the TRT to explore aspen meadows, rock gardens of giants, small and impossibly blue lakes, thick canopied forests, and long ridge lines with stunning views of Lake Tahoe. The course is nothing less than magical.

Lottery Details

How to get into the 2015 Event

Due to the popularity of the race, we have a lottery at the end of every calendar year and/or in January for entry into the event. For 2015, we will have a ticket system lottery. Here’s how it works:

All entrants get a minimum of 1 ticket

We will keep a waitlist of up to 200 runners. I expect we will go through more than 100 waitlisters.

We will accept 140 participants. 120 participants will be selected through the lottery.

The other 20 participants will be selected for organizing an aid station for the race, committing to the Grand Slam of 200s or for special consideration.

Extra tickets:
1 additional ticket per year for applicants that did not get into the previous year’s race. If you do not apply one year, you will lose all accumulated tickets.
1 ticket for starting the 2014 race
1 ticket for finishing the 2014 race
2 extra tickets for volunteers who put in 2-3 days of volunteering for the 2014 event
6 extra tickets for volunteers who put in at least 4 days of volunteering for the 2014 event
1 extra ticket for volunteers who helped at a course marking making supply party (can earn up to 2 for the two days we made markings)

Registration Dates:
Lottery opens Friday Dec. 27 at 8am PST
cLottery closes on Jan 7 at 6pm PST
Lottery draw on Jan 10 at 9am PST on twitter

Local time: 1:31 AM


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