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What is the CMRR ?

Traditionally, the Catskill Mountain Road Race (CMRR) has been a 100K relay race, featuring 5-person teams where each teammate runs two (2) 10K segments. The event has also historically included "SuperTeams" consisting of 6-10 people, each running one or more of the 10K legs..

As the race has developed since its inception in 1992, it has also intrigued ultrarunners, and in 2011, attracted the first solo runners since the race founder ran the entire 100K himself in 1994.

Today, the CMRR, now renamed "Catskill Mountain 100K Road Race & Relay", is more than just a relay. It is still the only 100K relay race in the northeast, and the oldest relay of any distance in the region. It is also now the most challenging and scenic 100K road ultramarathon east of the Mississippi River. Ultrarunners will revel in the challenge of the course, with many gut-busting hills, and a changing landscape that will evoke wonder in the eyes and imagination of the intrepid distance runner.

Relay runners will enter as a team and self-support, as has been the tradition of this storied event, Ultrarunners may bring crews if they wish, or can run with limited race support (2-3 fluid stations, to be determined by race organizers), adding to the challenge of finishing. To date, only three runners have completed the entire course, and only one in a completely self-supported effort.

However it is you decide to participate, Catskill Mountain 100K Road Race & Relay will be a day of excitement, and one you will remember for a long, long time.

Local time: 9:23 AM


Todd Jennings
Race Director
Kenneth Posner

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