Wednesday, Nov 11, 2015 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Wed. Nov 11, 2015

Email sent to registered runners as of 11/4 - part 1

Hello Super Cross County Trail Runners!

With the exception of a few runners race bibs were mailed to runners who registered for the race before October 31st. Please remember to bring your bib to the race! Timing is done on an iPad using timing software. There is no chip on your bib. You can pick up safety pins for your bib at the start. Bib numbers for runners entered on/after October 31st will be assigned on Friday. Exact start times will be emailed to those of you entered this past week. The entrant list which includes bib numbers for all runners can be viewed at for the marathoners and at for the half marathoners. Bib numbers being picked up race morning will have your first name and initial (Mike S. for example) written on the bib along with your exact race start time.

Halfers run one loop of the course to complete their race, and marathoners run two loops to complete their race. PLEASE look at the course maps at the race registration page at Just click on one of the small pictures/images so that it enlarges. Then click on the right or left arrows to view all twelve images. There will not be a pre-race briefing - look at the map images. Runners head north from the start/finish line which is in the southeast corner of the large parking lot. The course will be marked with pink ribbons and laminated white signs with black arrows.

Parking and Driving: Please put 7578 Accotink Park Road Springfield, VA 22150 into your GPS unit/phone. This address gets you to the park front gate which will open at 7AM on race morning. Drive 0.7 miles from the gate to get to the large parking lot where the race start/finish is located.

Aid Stations - Due to COVID, aid stations will only have water and gatorade bottles. If you grab a bottle from an aid station please discard it in one of the race provided recycling bins. Please do not litter. Feel free to carry the water/gatorade bottle to the next aid station. Aid station distances can be found on the map images discussed above and also viewed at the race web page at

Spectators - No crew or spectators will be allowed to congregate at the start/finish area or aid stations and are actively discouraged from attending the race. Only race staff/volunteers and official race entrants are allowed in the controlled start/finish and aid station areas.

Coins - While you are staying warm in your car prior to heading to the start line grab some of those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that we all keep in our cars and drop some coins in the bucket by the start line. All coins dropped in the bucket will be donated to Children's Miracle Network. Thanks in advance for your donation!

After you finish the race pick up your finisher award and race shirt from the table. Please do not pick up a race shirt if you chose the No Shirt registration option which is noted on your bib. Please depart the start/finish area after picking up your award/shirt and a post-race individual drink/snack. Race results will be posted Sunday night following the race.

Email sent to registered runners as of 11/4 - part 2

COVID precautions/directives below:

Please self-screen for potential symptoms before coming to the event. Prior to attending the event runners need to conduct a COVID symptom assessment a week before the race, the night before the race, and the morning of the race. COVID symptoms include the following:

- Cough

- Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

- Fever

- Chills

- Muscle Pain

- Sore Throat

- Loss of taste or smell

Do not attend the race if you are sick or are affected by any of the above listed symptoms. If you are unable to attend the event due to COVID symptoms or need to self-isolate in accordance with CDC, state or your local guidelines, Altis Endurance Sport will be happy to defer your entry fee to the 2021 Cross County Trail race or another Altis Endurance Sports event.


Runners shall run on the right side of the trail except when passing other runners. When passing a runner, runners must use the full width of the trail and announce their intent to pass well in advance before approaching another runner. No slipstream running is allowed. A neck gaiter or bandana are good masks to use by runners when needed. Any runners in violation may be disqualified and ejected from the race by the Race Directors.


Face coverings/masks must be worn by runners prior to the race start and after finishing the race. A neck gaiter or bandana are good masks to use by runners.


Runners are directed to discard plastic bottles used for the race only in race recycling bins located at each aid station.

Please social distance. Questions - email Mike at See you soon!

Race Information for the 11/8 event

The Race is On!!!
The Cross County Trail is a good one! Please register for the race if you would like to enjoy the wonderful trail with other runners and super volunteers at the seventh annual edition of the race to be held on Sunday November 8th. Due to asphalt paving in recent years the flat course is about 75% paved at present. About 25% of the course is dirt/gravel with good footing.
The race web page is located at
The race start/finish is at the Lake Accotink front entrance parking lot located seven tenths of a mile past the park entrance at 7578 Lake Accotink Road Springfield, VA 22150.

Local time: 8:29 PM


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