This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 3, 2015


In the Spring of 2009, I had my first taste of gravel road cycling. I was hooked instantly! On the drive home, still covered in Goodhue County dust, I resolved to design something just as amazing in northern Minnesota. So started the creation ...poring over county maps and scouting routes by bike and car. After a long and wonderful search process, I pieced together the gravel framework that would become the "Heck."

The Heck of the North shares the premise of other great, adventure style events. The racer is responsible for themselves. It is up to each individual to tough out the challenges that this demanding event places before them. Be fit. Be safe. Be courteous. And be a great gravel cycling citizen!

The Heck of the North will evolve. Every year, I strive to make better. My intent, though, is to never lose the heart of the event. That heart is the people who share this amazing cycling challenge with me and each other.

Heck of the North, Half of the Heck, The Heck Epic

The Heck of the North is a 110 mile gravel cycling event in Northern Minnesota (October 3, 2015). The "Half of the Heck" is a 55 mile gravel cycling race (October 3, 2015) . The Heck Epic (August 22-23, 2015) is a 220 mile gravel cycling stage race from Two Harbors MN to Ely and back.

2015 Registration

Registration for the 2015 edition of The Heck of the North, The Half of the Heck, and The Heck Epic will begin Friday, May 1, 2015. Stay tuned to The Heck website ( and Facebook page for updates. Thanks!


Entry fees are non-refundable. Please contact me at for questions. Thank you!

Do you want to do a bikepacking ultra event? Register for the new Heck Epic in August 22-23 here

To register for the Heck Epic (220 Mile Ultra Cycling Event) click here

Local time: 11:47 AM


Jeremy Kershaw
Race Director