Saturday, Jan 16, 2016
This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 16, 2016

The Course

The course will be run in a clockwise direction.

The start will be near the traffic bridge, just north of the park entrance. Runners will have .35 miles on pavement before the start of the Lakeside Trail.

Follow the Lakeside Trail 2.0 miles along the shoreline and across the dam to the Tashka Trail.

Follow the Tashka Trail 3.8 miles to the Five Oaks Loop. After 3.0 miles along the Five Oaks Loop, runners will reconnect with the Tashka Trail. The next 4.6 miles on the Tashka Trail will include a short 0.43 mile detour on the Lightening Loop. As you come off the Tashka Trail, there is a 0.2 mile connector trail to the North Trailhead.

From the North Trailhead, runners will follow the park road.1.3 miles back to the start/finish area at the South Trailhead Pavillion No. 1. This is the finish for the 25K.

Those running the 50K will continue on the Lakeside Trail and repeat the course (including the Lightening Loop) and finish at the South Trailhead Pavillion No. 1. The 50K is a two loop course.

The 4 mile race follows the Lakeside Trail to the west end of the dam and back.

Local time: 2:42 PM


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