This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 26, 2015


Note: To avoid additional permitting procedures, we are restricting entry into both races to participants ages 18 and over...

Our new-for-2014 course is run almost completely on trail or Forest Service Road through the Pisgah National Forest. Both races take you to the summit of Table Rock Mountain and back with many creek crossings, technical stretches, ups and downs along the way. Please visit our website for complete details on the course. Note: as part of our permit with the USFS and because this race is taking place during (archery) deer season, runners will be required to wear bright colors for safety. We do not anticipate any issues, but want to eliminate any potential problems...

Course Desciption

50 Mile: Total Vertical Climb ~ 11,500 ft Total Vertical Change ~ 23,000 ft Course consist of 28 miles of single-track trail, 11 miles of double-track, and 15 miles of gravel. 50 kilometer: Total Vertical Climb ~ 6,500 ft Total Vertical Change ~ 13,000 ft Course consist of 11 miles single-track trail, 10 miles of double-track trail, and 10 miles of gravel.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will have at a minimum (unless otherwise noted): Water, Gatorade (flavor varies by station,) and assorted soft drinks. Foods include: potato chips, pretzels, animal cookies, M&Ms, gummi bears, trail mix, PB&J. Expect a few additions as we go forward. NOTE: We're going a little more green this year and asking everyone to bring a water bottle (or two or bladder.) We will not have cups at the aid stations.

Aid Station Locations: *denotes crew access, #denotes drop bag, ^denotes water only

50 Mile: 5.5, 11.0, 17.5*, 23.5, 26.5#, 31.0, 37.3*, 43.8, 49.0

50-K: 5.5, 11, 17.5^, 20#, 23, 27

Race Swag

All registered entrants will receive:

Race Tech T-shirt, TRU sticker, Post race craft beer (21 and older) & food, free camping, & more

Finishers of each race will receive a Race Hooded Sweatshirt.

Local time: 2:42 AM


Mark Rostan
Brandon Thrower

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