This Event Took Place Fri. Sep 23, 2016

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Runners start on the Great Allegheny Passage at the Frostburg Trailhead and head towards Cumberland. Six tenths of a mile after crossing Woodcock Hollow Road NW runners turn around and head back towards the start/finish. Half Marathon runners will finish their race upon reaching the start/finish at the Trailhead. Marathon runners will do another out and back of the course to complete the marathon. The trail surface is a fantastic crushed stone surface which is great for running. The course is not flat, but the elevation change is gradual. The half marathon has about 1036 feet of gain and loss, and the marathon runners will experience about 2072 feet of gain and loss on the course.

Email sent to race entrants on 9/18

Hello Super GAP Runners! Frank and I look forward to seeing everyone have fun and run well at the third annual GAP Marathon and Half Marathon!!! Race info is below. Race Start/Finish and Parking Location: 10062 New Hope Road NW Frostburg, MD 21532 at the GAP Trailhead Packet Pickup Times: 7:00-8:00PM Tuesday September 20th at the Frostburg Hampton Inn located at 11200 New George's Creek Road Frostburg, MD 21532 and race morning at the start/finish starting at 6:45AM Race Start Time: 7:30AM Parking: The runners who arrive the earliest will be able to park at the GAP Trailhead at the race start/finish at 10062 New Hope Road NW Frostburg, MD 21532. Most runners will need to park in the Depot Street parking lot up the hill from the start/finish. The hill down to the start/finish is fairly steep and most runners would prefer not to go back up the hill after picking up their race packet at the start/finish. Two good options: (1) pick up your race packet - or have a friend pick up your race packet - on Tuesday night at the Hampton Inn or (2) simply walk down the hill ready to race. All you need from your race packet is your bib number. Frank and I will watch any stuff you leave at the start/finish. It will be safe. Please note that when you start seeing cars parking at the Depot Street parking area it is the sign that the GAP Trailhead parking lot is full and there is no need to drive down to the GAP parking lot to see for yourself that the lot is full. I also note that it is easier to walk down the hill to the start/finish on the trail instead of the road; just follow the sign that directs folks to the Allegheny highlands Trail. The address of the Depot Street parking lot is 65 Depot Street Frostburg, MD 21532. Food/Drink: Gatorade - flavor unknown as I write this - pb&j, ice, cookies, ice, chips, ice, soda, possibly chocolates (weather dependent) and water. Halfers will pass six aid stations during their run, and the marathoners will have 13 aid stations. The forecast calls for a high of 89 on race day. There will be ice in the water and gatorade coolers, and ice in an ice chest. There will also be chocolate milk for recovery after the race. If you want ice in your soda or ice in your bottle, just ask! The race will not have any energy gels or electrolytes. Race Web Page: Miscellaneous: Runners are encouraged to leave a drop bag and/or car keys at the start/finish aid station. There will be two port-o-lets at the start/finish. On the course there will be two port-o-lets on the course that halfers will pass at miles 3.8, 6.0, 7.2, and 9.3. Marathoners will pass port-o-lets nine times during the race. Feel free to pick up a friend's race packet at packet pickup. Runners entered in more than one Series race will pick up all their race packets at once. Let your friends know that they can still enter the race! The simple and scenic out-and-back course will be well marked. There are currently 32 entrants in the marathon, and 35 entrants in the half. This race is the third of the five Altis Mid-Atlantic Series events. I note that this is Frank's favorite Altis course! Questions: Email Mike at

Local time: 6:26 AM


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