Saturday, Apr 30, 2016 @ 5:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 30, 2016

About the event

The third annual running of the Southern promises to be an unforgettable running experience. An urban adventure run, it is a point-to-point running tour of Atlanta, covering all of the parts of the city that you didn't even know existed. Some of the highlights include two mountain summits, MLK's birthplace, single track trail along the 'hooch, Turner Field, the Governor's Mansion, and an ending point deep in the heart of the city. The start is Saturday, April 29th, at 5:00am - on top of Kennesaw Mountain.

The run will have an 18 hour cutoff for the 100k & a 30 hour cutoff for the 100 miler. 8-10 small aid stations will be spread around the course, with ample opportunity to also stop into local convenience & 24 hour stores.


The point-to-point course is 100 miles, with a 100k option ending at Stone Mountain. Both distances will start on top of Kennesaw Mountain, run southeast through Marietta, towards the Chattahoochee River. After running parallel to I-75 for a few miles, runners will head east towards Chastain Park, before turning south and running to Piedmont Park. After picking up a few miles in downtown Atlanta, the course heads out to Stone Mountain (100k terminus). After summiting Stone Mountain, the 100 mile runners will begin working their way back into town, eventually heading towards Brookhaven. The final stages of the course find you following the Peachtree Road Race course, ending at the Civil Rights Museum on the outskirts of Centennial Park. The course will have some confidence markings, but runners must be alert and attentive to markings and written directions to avoid a wrong turn. The terrain is typical for Atlanta – rolling “hills”, with the biggest “hills” coming in the first mile and the climb up Stone Mountain. A small portion of the course includes “single track” trail running (3 miles), but for the most part the course consists of sidewalks or bike paths. I’ve tried to minimize running on streets with traffic as much as possible, but NOTE there are a few sections where there is not a sidewalk and you will be required to run in a bike lane or on the shoulder, which is part of the “urban adventure” aspect of the race.
The course has also been purposely designed to remain close to the MARTA rail line. There will be “bail out” opportunities every 10-15 miles; however, you may have to run a few miles from the course to get to said Marta station. Conveniently, Stone Mountain is about 100K into the route.

Local time: 12:12 PM


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