This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 1, 2016

A GREAT New 50k

Explore the rugged terrain of Sonoma County you never knew existed. Big climbs, rugged trails, sweeping views!

Nestled in the hills above Kenwood, Hood Mountain Regional Park and Sugarloaf Ridge State Park feature amazing scenery and an extensive network of trails to explore. Both the Half Marathon and 50K Ultra are part of our Vertical Challenge Series, giving runners ample opportunity to rack up some serious elevation gain. If you're planning to run the Sonoma leg of the Vertical Challenge Series, you must choose one of these events. Will you choose to accumulate more overall climb by running the 50K, or try to finish faster and earn a better feet climbed/minute average?

The Half Marathon boasts nearly 4,000 ft of gain and tough, grinding climbs around the flanks and over the summit of Hood Mountain. Not to be outdone, The 'Grandaddy' of the Vertical Challenge series, the Sonoma Ultra 50K boasts nearly 10,000 ft of elevation gain making it one of the toughest 50K's in California.

These courses are not made for achieving personal best times and will prove to be a challenge for even the most accomplished runners, but what they lack in speed they will more than make up for in stunning vistas, rugged ground, and elevation gains to assure participants the satisfaction that comes from completing a strenuous day on the trails.

The Course

Half-marathon runners will test their mettle with over 3,800 ft of elevation gain around the flanks, and over the summit of Hood Mountain. From there it’s a fun ride back down into the valley where the finish line awaits. 50K runners will head down the rugged Goodspeed trail and enter Sugarloaf Ridge State Park for a tour of it's gnarly terrain and seemingly endless uphill sections. After completing the Sugarloaf circuit you will climb the 3.5 mile Goodspeed trail back to the summit of Hood Mt and down the other side confirming the age old adage of "what goes up, must come down"...and up again to the finish. Runners will be treated to a tasty meal, drinks, and good company while basking in the glow of a day well spent.

Staying Here

Hood Mountain is located outside of Santa Rosa, in the hills of the wine country. Camping is available in nearby Sugarloaf State Park, which is home to the second half of the course.

Camping is available for both Friday and Saturday nights. See our add-on options for more information.

Local time: 8:09 PM


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