This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 25, 2016


The Logan Peak Trail Run traverses the mountainous area around Logan Peak through Logan Dry Canyon and Providence Canyon (the main drainage's just south of Logan Canyon). During this challenging event, runners travel a bit over 26 miles on a predominantly loop course with over 6600 ft elevation gain. Amazing views, lots of climbing, and varied terrain/habitat are just a few reasons to run this course. The elevation gain/loss makes this event roughly comparable to many 50 K races. The race is a spectacular opportunity to experience the outstanding trails around Cache Valley, and Logan is a great place to hang out and have fun.

Runners also have an option to complete only the Syncline Loop (avoiding the 1070 foot climb to and descent from Logan Peak), for which they will receive an official time but not an overall place.

Discount codes

I don’t do them….period…..don’t ask….I think they’re stupid…..everyone pays the same price unless you register late, then you’ll pay more than your buddy because you procrastinated.


Not doing them for this race. It’s a cheap race with few runners. Also, rollovers aren't done either.


I don't allow transfers for this race. I find transfers to be a pain to handle. Please don't ask.

Local time: 7:48 AM


James Skaggs
Race Director

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