Saturday, Dec 31, 2016 @ 8:00 AM
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Wrap up the year with all of your running friends!  Recover From The Holidays is an old fashion, no-frills, low-cost 50Km run each year on New Years Eve; but don't let the low key nature of this race fool you, it's no cake walk! In keeping with our usual format, runners will run 10 repeats of a fun 3.1 mile loop over varying terrain. This race is the final event in the calendar year for the Huntsville Track Club and a great way to wrap up your ultrarunning season. There is a strict 8 hour cut off time; no runners will be allowed to start a new lap after 3:30 PM and anyone finishing after 4:00 pm will not be counted in the official results.  Race starts at 8 AM.


2020 NEW INFO: Due to the set up of the race at the XC park, it will be extremely easy to socially distance your own personal aid station. I would prefer anyone with family/friends coming to hang out to encourage mask wear amongst your people and to wear one yourself if you plan to socialize before and after the race.

Course Description

The 50km course consists of 10 loops of the 3.1 mile course at the John Hunt Park running park.  The footing is true XC course style, with low cut grass, some dirt, and plenty of gently running hills. The miles are marked with signs and high-viz flags along the course will guide runners which direction to take. Runners will have access to a bathroom trailer, a small aid station, and their own aid set up. Runners will pass by the main start area with each loop which makes this a great spectator friendly event for your friends and family (if you can convince them to come stand out in the cold!)

Aid Station

2020 NEW INFO: To keep you and our volunteers as safe as possible, there will be *LIMITED* aid available, and there will be limited volunteer support. Everyone who's been around since the beginning of Recover can look forward to a return to its roots as a ZERO frills, self sufficient, do your own thing type of race! 🙂

We will have a few essentials available. Please plan to bring everything you will need to support yourself for the race, including a personal water cup or bottle. There will be NO paper cups at this race. You will have access to your own personal aid station (feel free to bring camp chairs, tables, etc) every 3 miles at the start of a new loop.

Local time: 5:19 PM


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