Saturday, Jul 22, 2017

Montour 24 Endurance Runs

Hess Recreation Area

Danville, PA 24hrs, 12 Hr Day, 12 Hr Night, 6hrs, Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 22, 2017

UPDATE: Due to family issues/obligations for the next 4 weeks, I will not be able to keep registration open until July 1. We are closing registration early and our refund policy have been updated to reflect this.

**Remember** If you would like one of the M24 hoodies, order them when you sign up!

To help keep this race from producing unnecessary trash, please bring your own water bottle to use during the race!! We will provide coffee mugs and cups along with iced coffee cups for our delicious Bason Coffee but feel free to bring your favorite travel mug from home!


Come to Danville, PA for the River Towns Race Series Montour 24! Whether you’re ready to compete at the 12 or 24 hour ultra-endurance levels or the 6 hour or relay team levels, the Montour 24 will be a true test of your mid-summer fitness. Run at one of the most historic and beautiful parks in central Pennsylvania, the Montour 24 will be the newest addition to your must-do list each year.

Race Details

This event is held at the Hess Recreation Area, 202 Meadow Lane, Danville PA 17821. Click on the link to view the recreation area map and obtain directions to the park. You may also click the map icon at the top of this page to bring up google maps.

The 1.50 mile loop course is entirely on non-technical single and double track with the exception of the grass field crossing to access the aid station and start/finish line. The course is entirely traffic free. The trails are wide enough to run next to another runner or easily pass them through out most of the course. To see a 3D view of the course, please see the photo in the photo bar above.

There is plenty of space for you to set up a tent or canopy directly along the course, which is what the majority of participants will do and we encourage you to do the same no matter which time option you are competing in. The park will be open Friday night and you may camp for free. Relay teams are encouraged to decorate their team tents and bring tailgating games to play between your turn to run.

We will be have bib and shirt pick-up Saturday at the Hess Recreation Area pavilion from 5:15am - 6:45am. We will not accept race day registration. The race starts at 7 a.m.

Food and water will be available every 1.5 miles located just past the start/finish line. The aid station pavilion will be fully stocked and will include a variety of foods such as fresh fruit, chips, energy bars, sandwiches and snacks. We will also have special items such as grilled cheese, perogies and soup throughout the race day. Relay team members will have access to the aid station while they are running but all teams should plan on bringing their own food to eat while they are waiting for their turn to run again.

Medical support will once again be provided by the Geisinger Sports Medicine/Orthopaedic Institute and they will be onsite for the entire race.

The bathrooms will be conveniently situated next to the tenting area and aid station pavilion. There is also an outside shower facility on site for your convenience.

Relay Teams

The relay option will span the entire 24 hours. The teams will rotate 1 runner every hour, in a predetermined order, to complete the 24 hours. Each team member at the end will have run a total of 6 hours. The accumulative mileage of the entire team will determine the winners.

Relay teams will need to elect a team captain who will be responsible for registering and paying for the entire team. Once the team has been activated, the remaining team members will then need to complete the registration process after they are invited by the team captain.


The course is designed so that you may, at any time, have access to the aid station and tenting area directly after completing a lap. You may rest as long as you want and start back running when you want. To make it as fair as possible, we ask that you do not leave the race site unless you absolutely must do so.

We expect relay teams to also stay at the race site for the majority of the 24 hours. It would be an unfair advantage for relay members who are local to go home and sleep in their beds when runners who have traveled from far away are sleeping in tents at the site. Relay team members are permitted to leave the race site for the purposes of obtaining food, additional gear, etc.

Runners must have a headlamp at all times from dusk until dawn – no exceptions! The course will not be illuminated during the night except at the aid station and start/finish line. We will marshal the course throughout the night for your safety.

Runners may have crews and can access them through the tenting/canopy area and through the aid station pavilion.

Pacers will be allowed at this event for the 24 hour runners from dusk to dawn.


The awards for the Montour 24 are as unique as the history of the area. Each overall male and female winner in each time option, along with the winners of the 4 person team relay, will receive a custom forged railroad spike knife. Each knife will be hand stamped with the race name and time option won. Every participant, no matter the distance run, will receive a custom finisher award.

Refund Policy

UPDATE: Due to family issues/obligations for the next 4 weeks, I will not be able to keep registration open until July 1. We are closing registration early and our refund policy have been updated to reflect this. ----- Until June 10, 2017: We will refund you 50% of your entry fee. The waiting list will remain open until June 10 but after that, the rosters will be closed and no changes or refunds will be made at this point. Refunds will be sent either via Ultrasignup or PayPal to reduce the overhead needed to write and send checks. NO DEFERRALS. NO BIB TRANSFERS.


The Montour 24 is part of the River Towns Race Series. Click on the link to learn more.

*All proceeds benefit parks, trails and outdoor recreation in Montour County, PA.*

Local time: 8:47 PM


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