Saturday, Aug 12, 2017

Race to the Lake

200 Terrace Dr

Pelham, AL 10 Miler, 3 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 12, 2017


Come join the BUTS crew for the Race to the Lake! RTTL is a 10 mile lollipop course traversing some of the best single track Alabama has to offer! The race will take place August 12 at 8 AM leaving from the Cedar Pavilion at the South Trailhead in Oak Mountain State Park. In true BUTS fashion this race will be TOUGH (about 2k of vertical gain) and HOT HOT HOT!

To add to the family atmosphere and encourage new runners young and old we are introducing a new shorter version of the race: the Race to the Lake: Family Fun Run! A short and fast 3 plus mile jaunt over the Family Trail and Rattlesnake Ridge. This shorter version of the Race to the Lake starts at 8:30 AM.

Remember all BUTS Members receive $5 off with your annual registration! So join the Birmingham Ultra Trail Society and join the fun!

100% of the proceeds from Race to the Lake go to Oak Mountain State Park and the Birmingham Ultra Trail Society.

Packet Pick up

Packet pick-up will be prerace on Saturday August 12th only

Race Start/Finish

Race to the Lake starts and finishes at the Cedar Pavilion near the South Trailhead of Oak Mountain State Park. Most GPS devices will take you to the South Trail head. Follow the roads to the South Trailhead/Marina/Park Office. Park in the last parking lot and follow the sidewalks/roads past the bathrooms to the back section of the picnic areas. We will be in the pavilion that looks like the people are getting ready to run a race. Also its the trail head for the Rattlesnake Ridge Trail.

All participants are required to either have a park pass or pay the $5 fee in cash to enter the park. (Support you local parks!)

Race Rules and Information

Hydration is MANDATORY. You must carry some for of hydration during the race, even if you ducktape a plastic water bottle to your foot ( I've seen it before). You will be disqualified if you cross the finish line without something to carry water.
Also Mandatory Good attitude, Trail etiquette, and a lot of grit to make it through this course. It should go with out saying but we won't tolerate littering or uncourteous behavior towards others on the course, be it participants in the race or those just out enjoying the day. There is absolutely no excuse for littering, period. You will be disqualified. Pay attention and yield to those moving faster than you either coming from behind you, downhill or just faster runners coming at you from the front. If you chose to use Headphones PAY ATTENTION to your surroundings.

Overall is for anyone in the race regardless of age.
Masters is 45+

Course Description

The 10 mile race leaves from the Cedar pavilion taking the road through the parking lot to the South trailhead. Runners will start off with a couple of steep up and downs on the beginning of the Yellow Trail before taking a hard right on to the Green trail. Runners will "quickly" ascend the best climb in the park up to the West Ridge Road. Follow this technical but runnable trail a mile or two before dropping down on the Yellow/White Connector. Descend on this steep and rocky trail to the first valley and take a hard right onto the Orange Horse trail. From here the trail begins to get a little more tame. You'll run over a few minor hills and cross a couple of streams that will most likely be dry in the summer. This trail takes you to Group Camp Rd, take a right and follow the white gravel road past the cabins and jump back on the Orange trail. Veer right and descend to meet up with the Yellow trail. Follow this around the Lake to the BMX course. At just over halfway this is your only chance to grab some aid.
Stay on the Yellow trail for a few more hilly climbs and descents through the foothills of Oak Mountain. Take a nice jaunt along side a creek. Cross the road to the Alabama Wildlife Center and continue to the intersection of the Green and Yellow Trails. Here you'll turn right and head up a short climb on Green/Yellow Connector to Yellow Trail two more quick hills before a fast finish that will make you forget the pain you experienced in the first 9 miles of the race.

Runners Aid

Remember Hydration is MANDATORY. There is one aid station around half way through the 10 mile race. It will have water, lots and lots of water. If you are lucky it will be cold. There maybe a few other treats. Those are TBD. If there were to be something It would most likely be Fig Newtons of various varieties of M&M's because they melt in your mouth not in your hand (you'll appreciate that in August) and probably something salty. Maybe some pickle juice and mustard packets to stave off the cramps (yes it really works). Finally, if you are extra special lucky we might even provide some super secret electrolyte drink mix to get you through the heat.

Local time: 11:35 AM


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