Sunday, Oct 21, 2018 @ 9:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 21, 2018


The Pa Trail Dogs are excited for the 2018 COTW 25K. The event will be held on Sunday, October 21st which will be right at the peak of fall foliage. The course is more "runner" friendly than the original COTW as we got back to our roots with this 25K course. The course will use the Mid State, Spiked Buck, Tiadaghton, Pesto, Panther Run and of course, the infamous Torbert Trail to keep things entertaining. To reward runners after Torbert, we'll be sending you down one of the nicest downhill runs on the Love Run Trail and then finishing on Panther Run just like in years past. The event is open to hikers as well but please be properly trained and ready to finish in under 7 hours. Walkers should partake in our Little Pine 5 Miler held in conjunction with this event. It is a great entry level course. The Finish Line of both races will be handled by Falcon Timing and we'll have food and drink as usual.


Registration opens November 25th at 12pm EST. The event is limited to the first 300 runners. The fee for the event is $60.00. This is NOT an entry level course. Although we have modified the course down to a 25K, please be aware that the Torbert Trail still remains in the loop. This event will be in conjunction with the Little Pine 5 Miler held at Little Pine State Park.

Local time: 6:43 AM


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