Directions - Beal's Point State Park

Beal's Point State Park is located off Auburn-Folsom Road. See map link. There is a $7 park entrance fee per vehicle charge or you may purchase an annual Poppy Pass park pass for $90. * See information about an annual Poppy Pass below. Remember that this fee is your donation to improving our state parks, including the trails we run on.

Other possible parking options: Bureau of Water Resources (about 1/2 mile south of race start). Cavitt Jr. High School (about 1+ mile north of race start)

* Annual Poppy Pass information

Many trails are located within the California State Parks. If you do not have one, I highly recommend purchasing a Poppy Pass for $90/year (from date of purchase). California State Parks Pass info This pass is valid at 97 parks in the State of California where an entry fee is collected.
I appreciate the convenience of having a park pass as this allows me free park access for one full year, access to restrooms, the security of the area being monitored by park rangers.

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