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Sunday, Nov 1, 2009

Nimbus Flat State Park

Gold River, CA 4.8 Miler, 10 Miler

This Event Took Place Sun. Nov 1, 2009


Both 4 mi and 10 mile courses are on single track trails with beautiful views of Lake Natoma. The 4 mile course turns around at Willow Creek. The 10 mile course will continue on toward Folsom where it loops around behind Lake Natoma Inn, near Rainbow Bridge. This is a fairly flat and fast out and back course. Aid Stations will be at mile 2 (Willow Creek), at mile 5 (at the 10 milers turnaround point) and again at mile 8 (Willow Creek) on the way back to Nimbus Flat.

Local time: 4:07 PM


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