Saturday, Oct 12, 2019 @ 5:20 AM
Registration closes: Sun, Sep 1 @ 11:59 PM


This race IS NOT sold out.

Before you register, you will need to get hold of me or email me.
For everyone's safety this race will have live tracking.
Until I get all the tracking information together, I am only allowing people who already have a tracking device to register.
The race is free, but you'll have to pay for the tracking device before you register.
The funds will sit in an account and be 100% refundable if you have to cancel, (until the order for the tracking devices go through).


Welcome to the hardest 100 miler in world.

A race so hard, once one person finishes, it will cease to exist!

There is a minimum of 20,800 feet of gain on the first 50k loop and a minimun of 63,500 feet of gain in the 100 miler.

This is nowhere near your typical 100 miler.
You must be used to class 2-3 loose and technical terrain. There is about a marathons worth of it.
If you know nothing about this type of terrain, please do not sign up for this race.

Highlander is the definitive answer to the following.
1. What’s the hardest 100 miler in the world?
2. What’s the hardest 100 miler to finish?
3. Which 100 miler is the most technical?
4. Which 100 miler has the most gain?
5. Which 100 miler will have the least amount of finishers?


Start is at the bottom of Ginny's Crawl.
October 12th
5:24 am.

Please show up by 5am for a course briefing and to pick up your tracking device.

Cut-off Times:

50k - 24 hours
100k - 48 hours
90 miles - 62.6 hours
100 miles - 66.6 hours

You will receive credit and results will be posted for finishing the 50k and 100k distances.


1. GPS Device.

2. In order to start the race, you must have the route downloaded on the GPS device you will be using during the race.
Here is the link. />
3. If you have your own tracking device, you must share the link with me prior to starting.

Local time: 8:39 AM
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