Saturday, Oct 26, 2019

ToT Tso'i - Trail of Tears Three

Jackson, MO 22.4 Miler, 1/2 Marathon, 10K, 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 26, 2019

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated at the Tso'i Trail Races. Pics of the event can be found at

Save the Date October 26, 2019 for the 2019 edition of the Tso'i Trail Series.

Individual Tso'i Challenge

When I posted about the Team Challenge, I confused many. We are encouraging participants of Tso'i to create teams, but if you don't have 2 trail running friends to fill out a team don't let that deter you from registering. You will create new friendships at this event. In fact, the setup of this event was designed to bring fellow trail runners together in a communal way.

Frequently Asked Questions

The courses take place mostly on single track trail with some stints on roadways. Expect steep hills for both climbs and descents, occasional high bluffs, rocks, roots, dirt, possible wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Yes, the park has two separate camp grounds one of which has RV hook ups and the other for solely tent camping. Both areas have shower houses and rest rooms. The tent camping site is 1/2 mile from the race venue and the 5k race briefly goes through it.

Must finish event to receive goodies 5k- Swiftwick "Dirt, Rocks, Tears" socks, best trail socks ever. 10k a Unique Tso'i Trail Buff, it will become a favorite during fall and winter trail runs. Half Marathon a Tso'i logoed t-shirt, because we all need another shirt, plus we need you to promote our sponsors. So where it proudly.

Team Challenge

NEW in 2018! TEAM CHALLENGE!! Everyone likes a challenge and everything is more fun with friends. So we are introducing the Tso'i Team Challenge. This is for those taking on the Tso'i Challenge. What makes a team? Staying with the Tso'i theme, teams will consist of 3 runners. Each team must have a male runner, a female runner and a masters (age 40+) runner. All 3 team members must complete the Tso'i Challenge, that is a 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon. The times of all 3 team members will be added together to make the team time. The top team time will be declared the Tso'i Team Challenge Champions. So register today, convince 2 friends to join you and declare your team by emailing . Don't have 2 friends? I'm sorry, still register today, we will have plenty of beer to drink your sorrows away.

Race Details

AGE GROUPS: Open Division: 0-39 Male & Female, Masters Division: 40-49 Male & Female, Seniors: 50-59 Male & Female, Grand Masters: 60+ Male & Female

No Refunds or Transfers

EVENT SPONSORS: Missouri Running Company, Tailwind Nutrition, Squirrel's Nut Butter, Banterra Bank, Minglewood Brewery, ALTRA


In 1830, President Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act, which called for the removal of American Indians living east of the Mississippi River to relocate west of the Mississippi River. Trail of Tears State Park commemorates the Cherokee Removal.
While some of the Cherokees left on their own, more than 16,000 were forced out against their will. In winter 1838-39, an endless procession of wagons, horsemen and people on foot traveled 800 miles west to Indian Territory. Others traveled by boat along river routes. Most of the Cherokee detachments made their way through Cape Girardeau County, home of Trail of Tears State Park. While there, the Indians endured brutal conditions; they dealt with rain, snow, freezing cold, hunger and disease. Floating ice stopped the attempted Mississippi River crossing, so the detachments had to set up camps on both sides of the river. It is estimated that over 4,000 Cherokees lost their lives on the march, nearly a fifth of the population.
Legend says that Nancy Bushyhead Walker Hildebrand died and was buried within the park’s boundaries. She was the sister of Rev. Jesse Bushyhead, who led one of the detachments, and the wife of Lewis Hildebrand, who led another. Her two children traveled on and made it to Indian Territory. The Bushyhead Memorial in the park is a tribute to her and all the other Cherokee who died on the trail. Trail of Tears State Park is a certified site on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. The park’s visitor center features exhibits that interpret the forced relocation, as well as the park’s many natural features.
The park preserves the native woodlands much as they appeared to the Cherokee. Mature forests cover much of the park, which is characterized by sharp ridges and steep ravines. Located directly on the Mississippi River, visitors can view the plentiful wildlife, including white-tailed deer, turkeys, hawks and foxes. The large trees on the bluffs and cliffs along the river are noted as winter roosting sites for bald eagles.

Local time: 3:52 AM


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