Saturday, Apr 4, 2020 @ 7:00 AM

Rockin K

Kanopolis State Park

Ellsworth, KS 50 Miler, Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 4, 2020

The Race

22nd Annual Rockin K Trail Runs
Kanopolis State Park, Kansas
Saturday April 4, 2020
50-Mile Trail Run & Trail Marathon
Pre-race & Post race dinners, with vegetarian option
Technical fabric t-shirt
Finishers awards * 7:00 AM Start

Participation limited to 150 for both races combined. Entries accepted on a first received basis.

$5.00 discount to KUS members. No refunds. However your entry may be held over for one year if race director is notified in writing, before online registration closes. We will acknowledge receipt of your request by email. If you do not receive a timely response send us another message. We cannot be held responsible for late, lost, misdirected email, messages, letters or other communication. No race day entry. Credit for Trail marathon finish will be given if 50 Mile participants decide to stop after the first loop, but are not eligible for overall marathon awards.


The Rockin'K trail run is four interconnected loop trails. These are the Horsethief Canyon Trail, Prairie Trail, Alum Creek Trail, and Big Bluff loops. Horsethief Canyon connects to Prairie Trail at Gate #1; Prairie Trail connects to Alum Creek Trail at gate #2 ; Alum Creek connects to the Big Bluff loop at gate #6. A simplistic description of the run is that you are going to run the north half of each loop going out, and the south half of each loop coming back.

The first Rockin'K loop is the marathon loop. All runners will complete this loop. The 50-mile runners will run the course a second time, taking Alexander's cutoff at gate #4 in the Alum Creek loop. On the second loop the 50-mile runners will not run the full Alum Creek loop. Please take note that Alexander's cutoff is to be run only during the second loop, and only by 50-mile entrants.

Contingency Plan

If severe weather conditions exist, (lightning, tornado, excessive snow or ice, etc.,) at the start, we will delay the start until conditions are safe. Cutoff times may be extended as appropriate, or as conditions allow. Also as conditions allow it may be necessary to shorten the race. In very rare conditions the race could possibly be canceled. Keep in mind our first priority is safety of all, participants, volunteers, crew and spectators. 


There are about 10 gates that you will go through during each loop. These are large welded
metal gates. Some of the gates are blocked open, others you will have to open yourself, and
close behind you, or you can climb over. Please close gates behind you. The wind can damage
unblocked gates. Some of the gates have number signs on them, some do not.


HORSES ONLY ----- We have permission, as part of our event permit, to use HORSES ONLY
trails. Ignore this sign.
CLOSED TRAIL ---- there are several trail sections closed due to erosion, we are not running on
any CLOSED TRAILS, if you do you are lost.
RESTRICTED ACCESS - This is up at Indian Rock to protect the petroglyphs from vandals. If
you see this sign you are well off trail and lost.
RESTRICTED AREA - This sign is up along the trail behind the eagle hack towers. The trail is
open to the public, but stay away from the eagle hack towers.
PRIVATE LAND - you will be running by lots of signs attached to the fences that say PRIVATE
LAND, or PRIVATE PROPERTY. This means the other side of the fence is a private ranch. If
you cross the fence you may find out how fast a bull really is.
WILDLIFE REFUGE, WATERFOWL REFUGE - Certain areas are closed to the public from
November through February during the migratory bird season. This is not in effect now. Pay no
attention to them.

Rules: General trail running rules apply

1. Horses have the right of way, they are bigger than you are, a startled horse could run over
you. Give the riders a yell a long way before you overtake them, they will generally get off trail
for you.
2. If you go off trail, backtrack until you find a marker, then run the trail, do not cut the course, I
don't care how many extra miles you did, if you do not run the course you do not finish.
3. Notify race official at Start/Finish or Elden at the Manned Aid Station if you drop.
4. 50-mile runners switching to the marathon. If you want to switch to the marathon, Elden has
to know on Friday night. If you switch to the marathon on Friday you will be allowed to compete
for overall awards in the marathon, if you toe the line as a 50 miler on Saturday and complete
the marathon we will give you a completion and your time, but you can not be in competition for
any marathon awards. 50 milers completing the marathon are separately listed.
5. Do not complain to us if you get a ticket for not buying a day use permit. You drove by at least
two signs that told you to buy one. Our event permit does not buy you, or us, entrance into the
park. We have to buy vehicle permits too. The cost is about $5 unless you have a Kansas State
Park Annual Permit which covers use all year round.

Course Markings - color of ribbons will be announced at the pre-race meetings

You will follow pink ribbons all the way out to the manned aid station at the Gate
#6 and all the way around the Big Bluff loop. When you get back to Gate #6 you will follow
yellow/red ribbons all the way to the finish. 50-mile runners will take Alexander's Cutoff on
the second loop and follow the green ribbons starting at gate #4 to the gate #6 manned aid
station. There are numerous other markings on the trail. Pay no attention to these; the horse
riders put these up these are cloth. Our ribbons are vinyl/plastic. The trail
crosses itself a few times so you will be running by both checkered ribbons and solid color at the same time. Pay attention, if you have not reached the manned aid
station at Gate #6, stay with striped. If you are coming back in stay with solid color. When we
put out markers we try to put them up so that when you passed one ribbon the next marker
would be in view. In any case you should never have to run more than a couple of minutes
without seeing a marker. If you see markers spaced every couple of feet we are trying to warn
you that there is some kind of trail crossing happening. Be aware that you take the correct fork.
We will have several fence crossings in the Big Bluffs loop. There are army blankets over the
barbwire strands at the places you need to cross the fences. The top strand has been taken
down; please step over the fence there. The blanket will protect your hands and clothing from
the barbs. For those folks unacquainted with crossing a barbwire fence, simply push down on
the blanket, it will give enough for you to step over.

Cutoffs & Time Limit

50 Mile cutoff: Must leave Corral Shelter on 2nd loop by 1:30 pm, (6 1/2 hours.) Must reach Gate 6 aid station by 4:00 pm to run the big bluff loop. Must be back to Gate 6 aid station at approximately 42.5 miles by 5:00 p.m. and MUST have a flashlight. 13 hour time limit for both races. Mules and pacers are allowed on the second loop of the fifty-mile run but the Race Director has to be notified.

Crews and Pacers

Crews/handlers are welcome at the Gate #6 manned aid station, however Gate #6 is not
accessible by vehicle. Park on the road at the range gate and walk up the fence line, the aid
station is about 100 yards beyond the top of the hill. Large cattle ranches bound the trail. There
are no other vehicle access points. If it should happen to rain, the road to the Gate #6 fence
crossing becomes very bad, very quickly, in wet weather. If it rains, we ask crews that they
not come out to the Gate 6 aid station. If you drive out you will need 4-wheel drive and a
high clearance vehicle and it is at your own risk. We have runners to take care of; you are
on your own if you proceed down this road if it is wet.
Pacers/mules are allowed on the second loop of the 50-mile run. Elden has to know
ahead of time for safety reasons.

Drop Bags

Drop bags will be taken race morning in the designated areas at the shelter, you may not leave them the night before. You must mark your drop bag with your name, number, (bib numbers will be posted shortly after online registration closes,) and which race you are in, (marathon or 50 mile.) If your bag is not marked with YOUR NAME, NUMBER AND THE RACE YOU ARE RUNNING IN, it will stay at the Gate 6 aid station until it closes! We attempt to return drop bags throughout the day, however this may not be timely as we still have runners to take care of. You are welcome to drive to the parking area and walk in to pick up your bag if you would like it sooner.


There will be a camping style toilet at the Gate #6 aid station. 1 porta-pottie out on the Big
Bluff loop. Along with porta-potties and real bathrooms at Start/Finish.

Dogs On Course

We do not have a rule against dogs on the Rockin'K course. However owners must keep their dogs on a leash at all times, and must not interfere with the progress of other runners. Owners also need to be aware the Kanopolis lake trails are open to the public. You may encounter other hikers, other dogs, and possibly horses. Keep this responsibility in mind when considering bringing your pup along.

Frequently Asked Questions

AID: There will be at least 2 well-stocked manned aid stations at approximately 13 and 18 miles on the first loop (marathon) and 37 and 42 on the second loop (50 mile). Weather permitting there will be water and electrolyte drink at an unmanned aid station at approximately 7 and 20 on the first loop (marathon) and 34 and 44 on the second loop (50 mile). Note: The area between the two manned aid stations has no access points for handlers. It is all deep in four wheel drive country, if bad weather conditions exist then we may not be able to set up the unmanned aid station. Three to four water bottles are recommended if this water station isn’t set up.

WEATHER: Historical extremes in temperature range from a minimum low of 14°F to a maximum high of 84°F, conditions can include extremes of snow to heat and humidity. Please prepare and pack accordingly.

PACKET PICKUP: Race headquarters will be located at the Corral shelter house at the Rockin K campgrounds. Follow the signs through the park to the campgrounds. Pre-race registration and packet pick-up will be held from 3-6 p.m. on Friday April 5. The pre-race pasta dinner starts around 6:00 p.m., there is no packet pickup during the dinner on Friday night, or packets may be picked up starting at 5:30 am, before the pre race meeting at 6:30 AM race morning,

DINNERS: Pre-race pasta dinner (vegetarian available) starts at 6:00 PM on Friday April 5. Pasta and Hamburgers and brauts, (vegetarian available) after the race. All entrants are invited to the pre-race dinner and post race dinner (one guest will be served free; additional guests are $5.00 each for either meal).

START: The race starts and finishes at the Corral Shelter area. Mandatory pre-race briefing starts at 6:30 race morning. You must check in with race officials that morning, even if you have picked up your packet on Friday evening. If you are not checked in you are not in the race.

AWARDS: Top three finishers for both male and female in each race, plus awards to all finishers. Credit for marathon finish will be given for 50 Mile runners deciding to stop after one loop, but are not eligible for marathon awards. Finisher’s awards may be picked up from Race officials before you leave. Please talk to race officials for your award before you leave the area.

FACILITIES: Camping and electric hookup located throughout the park.

CONTACT: Elden Galano, 11440 W. 1st st. ct., Wichita, KS 67212, 316-207-5050, email Race information at

Take I-35 North from Wichita to Exit 72, Roxbury, Lindsborg, about 60 miles. Take Exit 72, go west to the Hwy 4 junction at Lindsborg, about 4 miles, follow Hwy 4 through Lindsborg and back west to Hwy 141 junction about 16 miles. Turn north on 141 go about 7 miles to the Dam, go across the Dam and take the first left turn into Kanopolis State Park.
From the east:
From Salina take Hwy 140 (sometimes called Old 40) west about 20 miles to the Hwy 141 Intersection. Turn south on 141 about 10 miles to the Kanopolis State Park intersection.
From the west:
From Ellsworth take Hwy 140 (sometimes called Old 40) east 14 miles to the Hwy 141 intersection. Turn south on 141 about 10 miles to the Kanopolis State Park intersection.
At the lake:
Shortly after turning on this road it will V and you will take the right fork and follow through the park, past the park office, to a T intersection. At the T take a left and then the first right to the Corral shelter house on the hill. There is a sign at the T intersection for the Rockin K campgrounds.

Local time: 2:08 AM


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