Saturday, Feb 15, 2020 @ 7:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 15, 2020

Cancelled Event


What is this?

It's a fatass event - read: No Fees. No Awards. No Aid. No Wimps.
All the other winter loop races were sold out, and we wanted to be able to run 50 miles in the winter, so we decided to make our own. Come hang out with us for 15 hours (900 minutes) in the dead of New England winter.

Thinking of signing up?

Hey, free event - why not sign up, right? We would really prefer you only sign up if you actually plan on running this thing. I know we can't stop you, but come on.
In the spirit of this being a "free" event - we are instituting a policy if you drop out with less than a week to go, we are humbly requesting you make a $20 donation to CFPA ( We get that we can't make you do that either, but if you don't we will publicly shame you on the internet. Don't test us.

Carpooling REQUIRED

There is a commuter lot 7 minutes from the event - you will need to park there and hop in a car (or have someone hop in your car). We are super limited on parking, so anyone showing up without at least 2 runners in there car won't be allowed to park. Details on how this will work will come closer to the event.

Location / Amenities

We will be at the CFPA headquarters in Rockfall (better known as Middlefield), CT. We will have access to their lovely heated meeting room, which has a full kitchen (ovens / outlets) and real bathrooms. We are on the hook for cleaning up, so please keep it as clean as possible. There will be plenty of space to put your stuff - which we ask you keep to something the size of a plastic tote / large duffel bag.
Also.. no spikes inside. You wouldn't wear them in your house, would you? Are you one of those people with sheetmetal screws in your shoes? Too bad, you either aren't coming in - or are keeping an alternate pair of shoes to change into before you come in.

The Course

We'll be using the Camille's Way Blue Blazed trail. It's a 2.2 mile loop - and we're doing it "washing machine" style. By that, we mean one loop clockwise, the next counter-clockwise. Repeat.
The loop will end at the parking lot, where you will be keeping track of your own loops in a method we haven't quite figured out yet - but probably a big sheet of paper with a marker for tally marks.

Aid / Crew

No crews. Sorry, space is limited.

We won't be providing any aid, so please bring whatever you need to sustain yourself. You will have access to running water - so don't worry about that.

As always. this is cupless. We'll have access to a kitchen, so if you want to bring something like soup - you can wash up any bowls / mugs (that you bring) that are used.


If it's a blizzard - we'll cancel. It's New England - so it could be -10 or 50. Come prepared for all the weather.


Headlamps are required to be on your person 45 min before sundown.

Local time: 10:37 PM


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