This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 11, 2006

Course Description

After leaving the start at HTK and passing the lower parking lot, you will go through a set of trees and then turn right. The trail follows a series of swamps crossing Big Lake Trails #3 and 4. Approximately 5 miles in, you will cross the Little Su River continuing on up the Cliff trail. Take the first left onto the 'Bud Smith' trail heading south. After about 2 miles you will take a 90deg right turn onto Big lake Trail 6 (just past Dead Dog Hill). Follow this trail another 4 miles until you come to Little Cow Lake. At this point, the trail will take a hard right onto 'Trail #10' towards Butterfly Lake and Gunmetal Lake eventually turning into Trail #4. There will be a Little Su 50K half-way water stop/checkpoint in the vicinity of Gunmetal Lake. After about 9 miles you will travel under the intertie (overhead power line) for about a mile or so and crossing the Little Susitna River. The race trail turns right again, shortly after which you will pass the Big Hunter Loop Su100 Tent. The trail meanders through a big swamp following the Little-Su River to your right, eventually turning left onto a seismic line briefly before turning left again following more swamps and small lake eventually leading to Happy Trails Kennel.

Congratulations, you've made it!

Be sure to check in with the race official (wake them if necessary.)

Local time: 6:11 PM


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