This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 3, 2010

Finger Lakes 50s Trail Races -- 50 Miles, 50K, 25K

The Finger Lakes 50s has reached the 250 entrants, but PLEASE register for the wait list. Nearly everyone on the wait list in the past 2 years have been contacted to get into the race - your chances of getting into the race are good (but obviously not guaranteed).

Race day is Saturday, July 2, 2016.
The 50 Mile and 50k races start at 6:30am; the 25K starts at 8:00am.

Races consist of 25K (16.5 miles), and ultras of 50K (32.9 miles) and 50Mile races in the Finger Lakes National Forest, Hector, NY. All three races are part of the Finger Lakes Runners Club Trail Circuit, and the 50K and 50Mile races are scoring events for the USATF Niagara Ultra Series. At the finish will be a BBQ, awards, and a fun atmosphere to hang out. Camping is available in the Finger Lakes National Forest for race weekend.

All three races will use the same loop course, starting and finishing at The Potomac Group Campground located off Potomac Road within the Finger Lakes National Forest. The course is a 16.5-mile loop covering single-track trail (85%), grassy pastures (5%) complete with grazing cows and cow pies, and dirt and paved roads (10%). There is 1292 feet of climb per loop. The 25K runners complete a single loop, the 50K runners do two loops, and the 50 milers complete three loops plus a half-mile baby loop. 50K and 50Mile races start at 6:30am and 25K race starts at 8am. Runners will encounter 6 fully stocked aid stations on the course. For more info go to the race website:

Get on the wait list if you don't get in right away - we tap the wait list as people cancel. Many, many people are invited into the race off the wait list, so go ahead and register. No guarantees, but it's worth getting on the wait list as almost everyone on the wait list was invited into the race the past couple of years . If you're on the wait list and you get an invite into the race, you'll have 3 days to respond - either accept, decline, or be removed from the list (after the third day of being invited). Your credit card is not charged until you receive and accept an email invitation off the wait list and into the race (if you decline the invite your card is not charged). Keep an eye on your email for an invite (check your junk box).

Local time: 6:17 PM


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