2013 Pedal 2 The Medal - Registered Teams

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2013 Pedal 2 The Medal
June 22, 2013
Emmett, ID
June 22, 2013
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138 Mile - Solo | 138 Mile - Relay 4 Teams
Kiss My Saddle
boise, ID
Ted Daley
Ted Daley (captain)
Christopher Hirose
Janice Ehrhart
Matthew Schoolfield
Rebekah McKernan
Merdiain, ID
Jedd Smith
Jedd Smith (captain)
Brian Larsen
Boise, ID
R.B. Erickson
R.B. Erickson (captain)
Two Chicks and a Rooster
Boise, ID
Joann Lance
Joann Lance (captain)
Benoit Lafon
Carrie Gemmill