Saturday, Jul 20, 2013 @ 7:00 AM

Wild Woman Trail Marathon

Trout Lake WA Marathon, Relay

66 Teams
2 Wild & Crazy Blondes
Gifford, WA
Susan Summers
Susan Summers (captain)
Layne Simmons
5ft1 & under
Issaquah, WA
Dalillah Bernal
Dalillah Bernal (captain)
Lynn Marcella
Almost A's
Cashmere, WA
Kate Bonnett
Kate Bonnett (captain)
Chelsey Craven
Sarah Eichler
Blue-Footed Boobies
Sherwood, OR
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock (captain)
Andrea Templeton
Heather Hansman
Booz, Boobs, and Our Running Shoes
Dallesport, WA
Mitzi McMurrin
Mitzi McMurrin (captain)
Brittney Gannon
Lori Froehlich
Bush Wackers
Portland, OR
Ellen Weeks
Ellen Weeks (captain)
Elizabeth Weiler
Emily Pritchard
Chicks on the Run
Bainbridge Island, WA
Elly Cowan
Elly Cowan (captain)
Sue Steindorf
Annapolis, MD
Sally Claggett
Sally Claggett (captain)
Cool Hand Luke and The Giddy Up Gals
Hood River, OR
Blaire Carroll
Blaire Carroll (captain)
Crazy Girls of the Mountains
Trout Lake, WA
Beyyine Ozkan
Beyyine Ozkan (captain)
Heather Lindseth
Kari Zimmerman
Kimberly Hoppus
Crazy Guerilla Grrrls
Olympia, WA
Kelly Hutchins
Kelly Hutchins (captain)
Eden Turla
Cunning Stunts
Vancouver, WA
Katie Wood
Katie Wood (captain)
Katie Gardner
Diggin' Dirt
Oakland, CA
Noreen Irving
Noreen Irving (captain)
Stephanie Meyer
Double Mountain Mamas
Hood River, OR
Nikki Hollatz
Nikki Hollatz (captain)
Victoria Hubler
Free and Happy
Trout Lake, WA
Andrea Ruchty
Andrea Ruchty (captain)
Alice Awwad
Guerilla Grrrls
Olympia, WA
Ginny Codd
Ginny Codd (captain)
Jodi Halvorson
Hang Loose
Trout Lake, WA
Caitlin Scott
Caitlin Scott (captain)
Lindsey Scott
Here We Go
Shelton, WA
Elaine Farr
Elaine Farr (captain)
Marisa Gant
Shawna Holman
Just Be
Hood River, OR
Sharon Frazey
Sharon Frazey (captain)
Elizabeth Bowers
Jennifer King
Sarah Thompson
Just for Fun
Trout Lake, WA
Julie Fink
Julie Fink (captain)
Katy McKinney
Tina Nakae
Tracy Olmstead
Seattle, WA
Liz Mitchell
Liz Mitchell (captain)
Katharine Sheldon
La Grande EXTREME!!
La Grande, OR
Bonnie Hayslett
Bonnie Hayslett (captain)
Heidi Jackson
Natalie Linton
Ladies of the Canyon
Underwood, WA
Michelle McGrath
Michelle McGrath (captain)
Laurel Bourret
Rebecca Sterbenz
Susan McCourt
Las Tres Amigas
Hood River, OR
Sara Snyder
Sara Snyder (captain)
Asalia Valdez
Elia Hernandez
Moms on a mission
Underwood, WA
Carly Borton
Carly Borton (captain)
Leah Yost
Melanie Kelly
More Sparkle Motion!
Portland, OR
Tonia Waring
Tonia Waring (captain)
Laurie Westenberg
Mount Adam's Apples
Hood River, OR
Pamela Eineichner
Pamela Eineichner (captain)
Edie Sperling
Myra Hansen
Naps, Gaps and Jews
Trout Lake, WA
Debi Budnick
Debi Budnick (captain)
Bonnie Durgin
Katie Wyndorf
Naughty But Nice
Bingen, WA
Emily Parlin
Emily Parlin (captain)
Dayl Pytel
Gwyn Bachtle
Oregon Trailers
Portland, OR
Karen Weisz
Karen Weisz (captain)
Claudia Cameron
Run for Your Life
Olympia, WA
Ann Yancey
Ann Yancey (captain)
Annie Marino
Laura Thayer
Run Fun Done on the Go
Seattle, WA
Lindsay Gossack
Lindsay Gossack (captain)
Becky Dewaay
Run Mama Run
Portland, OR
Andrea Matthiessen
Courtney Duke (captain)
Erin Fisher
Jennifer Gould
Marty Stockton
Stacy Humphrey
Run? I thought you said RUM!
La Grande, OR
Lindsay Warness
Lindsay Warness (captain)
Megan Bullers
Running Like Goofs
Odell, OR
Alisa Logsdon
Alisa Logsdon (captain)
Ana Calderon
Melissa Kauffman
Pamela Eineichner
Running wild mamas
Portland, OR
Lynn Osmundsen
Lynn Osmundsen (captain)
Jessica Marlitt
Lucy Radys
Martha Shephard
Patricia Morgan
Sandpoint Running Moms
Sandpoint, ID
Katherine Converse
Katherine Converse (captain)
Jen Cornelius
Jennifer Concidine
Sassy Quatch
Portland, OR
Heather Brunelle
Heather Brunelle (captain)
Sara Moore
Sarah Hartung
Shits and Giggles
Portland, OR
Amanda Roe
Amanda Roe (captain)
Amanda P. Westmont
Claudia Baskind
Mychelle Moritz
Shits and Giggles
Portland, OR
Amanda Roe
Amanda Roe (captain)
Amanda P. Westmont
Claudia Baskind
Mychelle Moritz
Sole Sisters
Lynnwood, WA
Spring Goodin
Spring Goodin (captain)
Erin Durfee
Sparkle Motion
Hood River, OR
Adrienne Knott
Adrienne Knott (captain)
Laura Larsell
Lindsay Cumella
Sparkle Motion One
Troutdale, OR
Lynn Tikalsky
Lynn Tikalsky (captain)
Theresa Sleight
Stars of Track and Field
Portland, OR
Juniper Vojta
Juniper Vojta (captain)
Amy Gilroy
Kendra Manton
Rebecca Gundle
Summer Soul Sisters
White Salmon, WA
Betsy Petrick
Betsy Petrick (captain)
Ericka Miller
Super Mamas
White Salmonsalmon, WA
Candice Keller
Candice Keller (captain)
Cayenne Yarnell
Sweet Fox
Spokane, WA
Suzanne Swietnicki
Suzanne Swietnicki (captain)
Colleen Fox
teachers on the run: phelan the miles
Battleground, WA
Megan Miles
Megan Miles (captain)
Katelen Phelan
Team Lady Legs
Portland, OR
Lauren Walker
Lauren Walker (captain)
Abby Marten
Karen Koch
The Elizabeth Bennets
Tacoma, WA
Catherine Wallace
Catherine Wallace (captain)
Emelie Peine
Kristen McIvor
Laura Jendusa
Rachel King
The Giddy Up Girls
Portland, OR
Erin Jaurigue
Erin Jaurigue (captain)
Brook Irwin
Julie Ulferts
Kate Lee
Trail Hoes
White Salmon, WA
Ashleigh Coyner
Ashleigh Coyner (captain)
Rebecca Thistlethwaite
Trail Rookies
Trout Lake, WA
Kristina Dearden
Kristina Dearden (captain)
Anna Schmid
Trail Tramps
Underwood, WA
Susan Mack
Susan Mack (captain)
Jennifer Donnelly
Trout Lake trotters
Trout Lake, WA
Angela Vogt
Angela Vogt (captain)
Valerie Vogt
Two Girls on the Run
Trout Lake, WA
Lora Melkonian
Lora Melkonian (captain)
Melissa Rippey
Rebecca Thistlethwaite
Urban Mamas
Portland, OR
Kathy Black
Andrea Matthiessen (captain)
Kathy Black
Washougal running rookies
Washougal, WA
Megan Baker
Megan Baker (captain)
Billie Jo McEathron
Jada Bea
Michelle Russell
Westminster Women
Spokane, WA
Liv Larson Andrews
Liv Larson Andrews (captain)
Nicole Sheets
Where's My Chariot of Fire?
Portland, OR
Amanda Durkee
Amanda Durkee (captain)
Julie Beals
Meredith Rizzari
Shauna Pettit-Brown
Who needs mountain men when we have mountain women!
Tacoma, WA
Natasha Parman
Natasha Parman (captain)
Emily Garofalo
Melissa Jorgensen
Wild Dolly Mamas
Portland, OR
Terri Moore
Terri Moore (captain)
Darcy Hagin
Kim Wright
Wild Flowers
Washougal, WA
Kirsten Seyferth
Kirsten Seyferth (captain)
Kat Thompson
Bend, OR
Jamie Guth
Jamie Guth (captain)
Amy Hayes
Catherine Kiewit
Kate Pinner
Wild River Runners
New Meadows, ID
Nadina Zarkowski
Nadina Zarkowski (captain)
Carolyn Brandt
Jessica Barker
women of the woods
Trout Lake, WA
Erin Nelson
Erin Nelson (captain)
Debbie Nelson
Janet Harrison
Kira Fogarty