2014 The Pistol Ultra Run - Registered Teams

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2014 The Pistol Ultra Run
January 4, 2014
Alcoa, TN
January 4, 2014
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50K | 100K | 100 Miler | 50k Relay 7 Teams
Galloping Turtles
Knoxville, TN
J. Christian Stadler
J. Christian Stadler (captain)
Loretta Mcnamee
Samantha Mcclay
Ghost Runners
Knoxville, TN
Jose Salas
Jose Salas (captain)
Alan Horton
Paul Horton
Grape Koolaid
Knoxville, TN
Robin Robinette
Robin Robinette (captain)
Cheri Conley
Judy Walker
Rock-A-Dile Red
Louisville, TN
Vicky Cromwell
Vicky Cromwell (captain)
Kay Panzica
Mcdonald Sue
Sex Panthers
Murfreesboro, TN
Brandon Fyffe
Brandon Fyffe (captain)
Brandon Henthorn
Christopher Kane
The Ultra Chicks
Maryville, TN
Amy Farr
Amy Farr (captain)
Michelle Nuchols
Wendi Walker
Your Pace or Mine
knoxville, TN
Shannon Schupp
Shannon Schupp (captain)
Tj Brown
Tommi Buford