Saturday, Apr 26, 2014

Lost Creek Trail Run

Trail, OR 5K, 30K, Relay

5K | 30K | Relay
28 Teams
Baby got back
Medford, OR
Amy Cohee
Amy Cohee (captain)
Staci Antaya
Barb and Matt go Kersplat!
Grants Pass, OR
Matthew Swanson
Matthew Swanson (captain)
Barbara Rodgers
Deux Chats
Talent, OR
Felicia Hazel
Felicia Hazel (captain)
Laura Imperia
Free Beer At The Finish Line?
Talent, OR
Todd Ragsdale
Todd Ragsdale (captain)
Nancy Ragsdale
Girlz on the Run
Medford, OR
Lori DeBoer
Lori Deboer (captain)
Melissa Carlson
Medford, OR
Sharon Belden
Sharon Belden (captain)
Holly Smith
GPS (Granny Panty Speed)
Eagle Point, OR
Kory Esquibel
Kory Esquibel (captain)
Shannon Dabel
Ashland, OR
Jenna Graven
Jenna Graven (captain)
Jaclyn Hamilton
Julie & Athena
Ashland, OR
Athena Lawrence
Athena Lawrence (captain)
Julie Schmiess
Liquid Courage
Roseburg, OR
Josh Wagner
Josh Wagner (captain)
Tim Adams
Medford, OR
Ron Gassman
Ron Gassman (captain)
Jon Peterson
Moms on the Run
Grants Pass, OR
Lisa Solomon
Lisa Solomon (captain)
Erin Smith-Mateja
Ashlan, OR
Joshua Minchow
Joshua Minchow (captain)
Mahlea Rasmussen
Perfect Strangers
Medford, OR
Shannon Reynolds Ford
Shannon Reynolds Ford (captain)
Elycia Bechard
Jacksonville, OR
Joaquin Valdez
Joaquin Valdez (captain)
Jamie Valdez
Rogue Endurance Warriors
Medford, OR
Erin Gessford
Erin Gessford (captain)
Short Timers
Ashland, OR
Danielle Amarotico
Danielle Amarotico (captain)
Gina Velando
Sole Mates
Medford, OR
Carmen Fuhriman
Carmen Fuhriman (captain)
Jared Fuhriman
Tag you're it
Medford, OR
Hayley Nicholls
Hayley Nicholls (captain)
Michael Gaswint
The Dee & The Vee
Grants Pass, OR
Dustin Davey
Dustin Davey (captain)
Chesney Davey
The Super Stroh's
Klamath Falls, Or, OR
Amy Stroh
Amy Stroh (captain)
Nathan Stroh
Thing Two and Thing One
Grants Pass, OR
Neeka Goodwin
Neeka Goodwin (captain)
Desiree Callistini
Trauma Queen
Ashland, OR
Kasia Palmarini
Kasia Palmarini (captain)
Koren Collier
Trips and Trails
Ashland, OR
Arnie Abrams
Arnie Abrams (captain)
Mary Abrams
Twisted Blister
Medford, OR
Caitlin Farquhar
Caitlin Farquhar (captain)
Jessica Armstrong
Two SORE Buns
Medford, OR
Joshua Ostrowski
Joshua Ostrowski (captain)
Kimberly Walch
Ultimate WINErs
Medford, OR
Aaryn Exparza
Aaryn Exparza (captain)
Shannon Adams
Wings & Sauce
Portland, OR
Pete Collins
Pete Collins (captain)
Josh Bickley