2014 Hawthorn Half Day Relay & Ultra - Registered Teams

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2014 Hawthorn Half Day Relay & Ultra
June 14, 2014
Terre Haute, IN
June 14, 2014
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Solo Division | 2 Person | 3-6 Person 3 Teams
Geo Gliders
Whiting, IN
Mary Ann Bibat
Mary Ann Bibat (captain)
Ethan Bibat
Gary Pieters
Nathaniel Bibat
Nick Buell
Sam Bibat
Mobius Strip Runners
Sulphur Springs, IN
Mary Balmes
Mary Balmes (captain)
Alicia Ford
Carrie Grilliot
Lisa Brooks
Lisa Heckman
Mary Balmes
PBT3X & The Special Sauce
New Palestine, IN
Brian Kremer
Brian Kremer (captain)
Brad Robinson
Jayson Meyer
John Kremer
Lucas Mccabe
Matthew Moody