Registered Entrants
Saturday, May 2, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Trail of Four Winds

Lake of the Ozarks , MO 25K

102 Entrants
RankAge RankResultsTargetAgeFirstLastCityLocBibFinishes 
100.0%100.0%11:52:14 M20-29  Michael McCulloch Raytown  MO      1   Results
96.8%98.3%41:55:55 M20-29  Kyle Mann Ballwin  MO          Results
91.7%91.7%22:02:25 M20-29  Robert Bruns St. Louis  MO      1   Results
90.8%97.2%42:03:35 M50-59  Brian Bauer St. Charles  MO      1   Results
87.8%100.0%12:07:52 M40-49  Jason Walker Leavenworth  KS          Results
85.8%88.9%142:10:49 M40-49  Chris Boyle Osage Beach  MO      1  Results
85.1%88.9%92:11:57 M30-39  Jon-Paul Laventure Ballwin  MO      1   Results
84.4%79.6%122:12:55 M30-39  Andrew Bartelsmeyer Saint Albans  MO      1  Results
81.9%92.2%102:17:03 M40-49  Rob Walker Valley Park  MO      1   Results
81.0%82.6%92:18:31 M30-39  Ryan Maher Fenton  MO      1  Results
79.9%89.7%982:20:30 M50-59  Andy Emerson Columbia  MO      1  Results
79.3%97.4%332:21:32 M60-69  Brent Haefner Imperial  MO      1   Results
78.9%78.9%12:22:12 M30-39  Michael Classen Versailles  MO          Results
78.7%78.7%12:22:40 M40-49  Craig Nichols Columbia  MO          Results
78.6%81.2%122:22:44 M30-39  James Pratt Crystal city  MO         Results
76.8%84.0%82:26:10 M30-39  James Harris Columbia  MO      1   Results
76.5%86.2%282:26:46 M50-59  Timothy Garvey Lee's Summit  MO         Results
76.4%92.3%22:26:58 M50-59  Trevor Dowdney osage beach  MO          Results
76.0%81.8%52:27:38 M30-39  Robert Corcoran Columbia  MO         Results
75.9%75.4%42:27:53 M30-39  Craig Calkins Saint Louis  MO      1   Results
75.6%88.1%42:28:25 M40-49  Aaron Koeppen Four seasons  MO      1   Results
95.3%97.5%22:33:23 F40-49  Christine Andersen Leavenworth  KS          Results
91.2%97.1%312:40:14 F60-69  Lisa Trainor Maple Grove  MN          Results
69.8%79.6%42:40:47 M60-69  Gary Thompson Osage Beach  MO      1  Results
87.9%87.3%72:46:16 F20-29  Karolina Zavisiute st charles  MO      1   Results
66.8%73.7%32:48:08 M50-59  Charles Smith Bozeman  MT         Results
66.7%82.2%102:48:22 M50-59  Tom Burton Urbana  IL      1  Results
86.5%90.2%82:48:56 F30-39  Jaime Maher Fenton  MO      1  Results
65.9%82.4%52:50:24 M40-49  Gary Braman Camdenton  MO      1   Results
65.5%92.3%542:51:22 M60-69  Allan Benjamin Columbia  MO      1   Results
84.1%94.3%162:53:43 F40-49  Steph Pendegraft Gamaliel  AR      1   Results
83.8%95.7%12:54:31 F30-39  Kristi Pashia Belleville  IL         Results
63.9%80.6%42:55:46 M50-59  Brian Elledge St Charles  MO          Results
63.4%79.7%532:57:06 M60-69  Jeff Wells Columbia  MO      1   Results
82.2%92.3%382:57:49 F50-59  Julia Moffitt Iowa City  IA         Results
81.9%84.3%22:58:28 F40-49  Sarah White Leavenworth  KS          Results
81.5%86.8%12:59:15 F50-59  Jani Tucker Lebanon  MO      1   Results
61.2%67.4%63:03:25 M40-49  Benjamin Crenshaw Columbia  MO      1  Results
60.6%77.7%13:05:19 M60-69  Travis Lin Chesterfield  MO      1   Results
78.6%78.8%13:05:54 F20-29  Lauren Moriearty Lake Ozark  MO      1   Results
59.3%73.0%63:09:11 M50-59  Jeff Geear Saint Charles  MO          Results
76.6%80.8%33:10:49 F40-49  Dinah Bloom Grimes  IA      1   Results
76.0%84.1%233:12:16 F30-39  Rosemary Smith St. Louis  MO         Results
58.4%59.2%13:12:20 M30-39  Tyler Dunn SAINT Peters  MO      1   Results
58.0%63.8%23:13:32 M40-49  Lee Miller Columbia  MO      1  Results
57.1%83.2%253:16:43 M60-69  Dave McNaughton Edwardsville  IL      1   Results
72.9%72.9%33:20:28 F30-39  Heather Grey Columbia  MO      1  Results
55.6%72.7%23:21:42 M40-49  Charles Tabing barnhart  MO      1   Results
55.3%67.6%13:22:55 M50-59  Dan Robertson Eldon  MO      1   Results
69.0%79.0%33:31:46 F40-49  Jodie Stecher St. louis  MO      1  Results
67.9%94.7%83:35:17 F50-59  Lisa Wells columbia  MO          Results
67.6%67.6%23:36:15 F30-39  Justinne Guyton St. Louis  MO          Results
67.5%72.1%53:36:38 F30-39  Sarah Russell Ellisville  MO          Results
66.5%72.6%53:39:55 F40-49  Elizabeth Correll Kansas City  MO          Results
65.0%81.0%53:44:48 F20-29  Azucena Medrano Wichita  KS          Results
49.7%57.5%73:45:52 M40-49  Gavin Eubank Columbia  MO      1   Results
64.6%71.3%133:46:22 F40-49  Lisa Schiller Lebanon  MO      1   Results
49.5%58.7%13:46:38 M40-49  Douglas Abel Pleasant Hill  MO      1  Results
49.1%58.2%13:48:32 M40-49  Mike Coumerilh St. Peters  MO      1   Results
63.0%92.9%23:51:58 F60-69  Sophia Lin Chesterfield  MO      1   Results
61.4%61.4%33:58:08 F30-39  Abby Fox Ballwin  MO      1   Results
46.9%49.0%33:59:15 M30-39  Andrew McDonald St. Louis  MO      1   Results
61.1%90.6%163:59:20 F60-69  Bev Exposito Hutchinson  KS      1  Results
60.9%85.8%84:00:03 F50-59  Connie Schaef Greensburg  KS      1   Results
60.5%73.3%24:01:35 F40-49  Andrea Wilson Kirksville  MO          Results
46.2%58.9%24:02:43 M60-69  Gary Momphard Springfield  MO         Results
45.9%54.5%14:04:21 M40-49  Paul Mehelic Weldon spring  MO      1   Results
59.5%83.9%74:05:49 F50-59  Penny Schmeidler Pratt  KS      1   Results
59.4%79.5%14:05:59 F50-59  Lisa Geary Marshfield  MO          Results
58.4%78.8%174:10:09 F50-59  Romy Bolton Iowa City  IA          Results
58.4%58.4%14:10:17 F40-49  Elizabeth Haupt Columbia  MO          Results
44.7%53.1%14:10:51 M40-49  Ted Stann Dardenne Prairie  MO      1   Results
43.7%65.8%24:17:07 M40-49  Stacy Roberts Camdenton  MO      1   Results
56.5%67.9%64:18:39 F20-29  Kyla Mahoney Marshfield  MO      1   Results
51.1%51.2%14:46:02 F20-29  Sarah Rinne St. Louis  MO      1   Results
49.0%60.6%344:58:14 F50-59  Cindy Rieckhoff Windsor  MO      1   Results
36.5%37.2%25:07:19 M30-39  Josh Pantleo Springfield  MO      1   Results
46.9%50.9%15:11:23 F50-59  Heidi Thomas Marshfield  MO          Results
41.2% 15:54:56 F40-49  Katie Roberts Camdenton  MO          Results
30.9%39.4%76:03:19 M50-59  Tom Avery Bryant  AR          Results
  0  F30-39  Desiree Halsor Keller  TX          Results
 84.6%1  M30-39  Corey Umhoefer Silex  MO          Results
  0  M30-39  Kelly Hanf Saint Robert  MO          Results
  0  M50-59  David Volz Wentzville  MO          Results
  0  M30-39  Ryan Bowman Parker  CO          Results
  0  F20-29  Abbey Musick Clarksville  MO          Results
  0  F30-39  Katie Kuschel Chamois  MO          Results
  0  F40-49  Hillary Anderson Leavenworth  KS          Results
  0  F40-49  Erin Gerloff Chamois  MO          Results
  0  M30-39  Lance Watson Ashland  MO          Results
  0  M40-49  Brian Schwanz Lawrence  KS          Results
  0  M40-49  Kelby Busch Chamois  MO          Results
  0  M50-59  Willard Haley Eldon  MO          Results
  0  F40-49  Tabitha Rodgers Hallsville  MO          Results
  0  M30-39  Ryan Campbell Rocky mount  MO          Results
  0  F20-29  Rachel McAfee Wentzville  MO          Results
  0  M30-39  Tim Martin Bolivar  MO          Results
  0  F30-39  Amy Harrell Eldon  MO          Results
  0  M50-59  Aric Luebbering Holts Summit  MO          Results
  0  M30-39  Josh Schrock Versailles  MO          Results
  0  F30-39  Tiffany Volz Wentzville  MO          Results
  0  M30-39  David Volz Wentzville  MO          Results