Registered Entrants
Saturday, May 1, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

Trail of Four Winds

Lake of the Ozarks , MO 25K

49 Entrants
RankAge RankResultsTargetAgeFirstLastCityLocBibFinishes 
87.4%91.0%122:00:46 M30-39  Jon-Paul Laventure Ballwin  MO      1   Results
86.1%97.2%52:02:40 M50-59  Brian Bauer St. Charles  MO      1   Results
84.6%84.6%12:04:50 M30-39  Corey Umhoefer Silex  MO          Results
83.4%89.4%172:06:34 M40-49  Chris Boyle Osage Beach  MO      2  Results
81.2%85.0%132:09:57 M30-39  Ryan Maher Fenton  MO      1  Results
81.2%81.2%152:10:03 M30-39  Andrew Bartelsmeyer Ellisville  MO      1  Results
80.4%89.9%1022:11:23 M50-59  Andy Emerson Columbia  MO      1  Results
79.3%97.6%342:13:10 M60-69  Brent Haefner Imperial  MO      1  Results
100.0%100.0%22:28:35 F20-29  Emily Lessner Columbia  MO          Results
69.8%79.6%42:31:15 M60-69  Gary Thompson Osage Beach  MO      1  Results
97.3%100.0%22:32:39 F20-29  Madison King Columbia  MO         Results
68.3%85.3%22:34:30 M20-29  Austin Larsen Parkville  MO          Results
64.9%92.1%612:42:46 M60-69  Allan Benjamin Columbia  MO      1   Results
64.5%75.2%82:43:43 M50-59  Jeff Geear Saint Charles  MO          Results
63.4%79.7%532:46:36 M60-69  Jeff Wells Columbia  MO      1   Results
88.0%91.3%92:48:50 F30-39  Jaime Maher Fenton  MO      1  Results
61.4%73.3%72:52:03 M50-59  Brian Elledge St Charles  MO          Results
58.4%59.2%13:00:56 M30-39  Tyler Dunn SAINT Peters  MO      1   Results
78.6%78.8%13:08:59 F20-29  Lauren Moriearty Lake Ozark  MO      1  Results
55.6%72.7%23:09:44 M40-49  Charles Tabing barnhart  MO      1   Results
52.4%62.5%53:21:19 M50-59  Timothy Walker Warsaw  IL         Results
67.9%94.7%83:38:52 F50-59  Lisa Wells columbia  MO          Results
66.5%72.6%53:43:34 F40-49  Elizabeth Correll Kansas City  MO          Results
65.2%85.8%93:47:45 F50-59  Connie Schaef Wichita  KS      1   Results
46.2%58.9%23:48:19 M60-69  Gary Momphard Springfield  MO         Results
61.5%90.5%204:01:36 F60-69  Bev Exposito Hutchinson  KS      1  Results
60.6%82.5%104:05:16 F50-59  Penny Schmeidler Pratt  KS      1   Results
57.6%75.0%154:18:06 F60-69  Janice Cooper Boise  ID          Results
40.9%51.4%34:18:26 M50-59  David Gossett Troy  MO         Results
56.5%58.0%34:22:56 F40-49  Jana Jones Springfield  MO          Results
53.9%65.0%14:35:50 F60-69  Linda Smith Springfield  MO          Results
36.7%42.1%14:47:44 M30-39  Jacob Rhodes Ozark  MO          Results
  0  M50-59  Aric Luebbering Holts Summit  MO         Results
  0  M30-39  Joshua Lawson Winfield  MO          Results
  0  M40-49  Richard Lotspeich Wright City  MO          Results
  0  F50-59  Michele Baumer Columbia  MO          Results
  0  F40-49  Kelly Sopinski Kansas City  MO          Results
  0  M40-49  Justin Carver Jefferson City  MO          Results
  0  M30-39  Stephen Bacon St. Louis  MO          Results
  0  F30-39  Jennifer Johnson St. Robert  MO          Results
  0  F50-59  Charine Larsen Warsaw  MO          Results
  0  M30-39  Matt Naglich St. Louis  MO          Results
  0  M40-49  William Yost Lees Summit  MO          Results
  0  F40-49  Amber Spinelli Nixa  MO          Results
  0  M40-49  Billy Jones Springfield  MO          Results
  0  M50-59  William Copus Warrensburg  MO         Results
  0  F30-39  Rebecca Jones Kearney  MO          Results
  0  F30-39  Ellie Lane Saint Louis  MO          Results
  0  M50-59  Kent Smith Springfield  MO          Results