Saturday, Jun 26, 2021 @ 5:00 AM

San Juan Solstice 50

Lake City, CO 50 Miler

As spots become available, people on the waitlist will be selected. Selection will be based on their order on the list. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected. Waitlist registration is now closed, please join us next year.

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1 Pending Applicant
50 Miler Tia Gabalita Corvallis, ORMay 10

Waitlist Applicants

66 Applicants
Order  HomeRank
1    Heather Sackett Carbondale, CO67.5%
2  photo Kendall Cox Lafayette, CO72.6%
3    Mason Osgood Telluride, CO79.9%
4    Jordan Wight Longmont, CO72.6%
5    Bogie Dumitrescu Boulder, CO67.2%
6    Kristin Zosel Highlands Ranch, CO77.6%
7  photo Benjamin Willis Los Ranchos, NM77.2%
8    Jeason Murphy Salida, CO89.2%
9  photo Sean Murphy Santa Fe, NM88.0%
10    Maria Ladd Albuquerque, NM81.1%
11    Cameron Yeaman Englewood, CO92.7%
12    Ryan Mulnick Taos, NM97.5%
13    Jill Bohney Salt Lake City, UT77.1%
14    Michael Miller Littleton, CO77.9%
15    Ellen Ostrow Salt Lake City, UT64.6%
16    Matt Welz Durango, CO75.6%
17    Matthew Poynor Denver, CO 
18  photo William Vickers Firestone, CO54.6%
19    Samantha Lewis Golden, CO82.2%
20    Ryan Sullivan Grand Junction, CO92.5%
21  photo Jefferson Arbuckle Louisville, CO76.3%
22  photo Wendy Young Boulder, CO76.1%
23  photo William Bacon San Rafael, CA66.6%
24    Brent James Rio Rancho, NM82.9%
25    Thomas Hiser Aurora, CO65.2%
26    Allison Johanson Louisville, CO79.9%
27    Guillermo Canedo El Prado, NM82.5%
28  photo Jeremy Scanlan Louisville, CO76.3%
29    Lonny Rhodes Trinidad, CO59.8%
30    Katie Phelps Boulder, CO 
31    Kevin Iverson Telluride, CO77.2%
32  photo Ryan Wold Ouray, CO73.9%
33    Adam Stratman Tucson, AZ63.6%
34    Katie Arnold Santa Fe, NM93.3%
35  photo Shawn Williams White Rock, NM87.0%
36    Hannah Vogan-Darezzo Tucson, AZ55.9%
37    Matthew Norgren Boulder, CO75.4%
38    Dave Caldwell Lakewood, CO74.7%
39    Paul Doyle Colorado Springs, CO78.2%
40  photo Chantal Elmore Boulder, CO86.7%
41    Reall Regan STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO81.1%
42  photo John Anderson Truckee, CA90.3%
43    Jana Willsey Denver, CO96.2%
45    Thano Syropoulos Evergreen, CO 
46    Brent Miller Lakewood, CO74.9%
47    Jonathan Harrach Erie, CO75.3%
48    Kevin Bokoski Broomfield, CO64.8%
49  photo Crystal Miller FRISCO, CO63.0%
50    Becca Jay Littleton, CO73.4%
51    Christopher Jorde Boulder, CO70.3%
52    Guy Rubio SAN ANTONIO, TX61.4%
53  photo Patrick Olson Superior, CO69.4%
54  photo Benjamin Gilg Arvada, CO64.8%
55    Kevin Wheat Highlands Ranch, CO63.4%
56    Ross McNary Prospect, KY59.9%
57    Bob Manthy Boulder, CO60.2%
58  photo Allen Currano Santa Fe, NM78.3%
59    Katie Sawyer Bayfield, CO65.2%
60  photo Patrick Hummel Fruita, CO81.6%
61    James Tropper Morrison, CO74.0%
62    Val Harrison Lafayette, CO69.2%
63    Stephanie Riley Boulder, CO67.4%
64    Erin Kelly Golden, CO69.6%
65    Peter Nelson Los Alamos, NM55.8%
66    Theo Shipley Denver, CO80.4%