Saturday, Sep 17, 2022 @ 5:00 AM


Leavenworth, WA 100 Miler, 100K

As spots become available, people on the waitlist will be selected. Selection will be based on their order on the list. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected. If you would like to add your name to the list, use the green "Register" button on this page.

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Waitlist Applicants

10 Applicants
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1  photo Mike Burke Portland, OR75.2 %
2    Eric Skocaj Federal Way, WA70.2 %
3  photo Scott Lehman Chicago, IL62.2 %
4    Philip Vondra new paltz, NY72.9 %
5  photo Matthew Mata Matlacha Isles, FL57.5 %
6    Kelly Bird Bellingham, WA77.3 %
7  photo Zak Steigmeyer Cashmere, WA77.6 %
8  photo Richard Benoit Kingston, WA65.1 %
9  photo Jennifer Shultis Kingston, WA75.4 %
10    Bruce Kellogg Shoreline, WA69.6 %