July 9 - 10, 2022

Mt. Hood 50

Clackamas Lake, OR 50 Miler, 50K, 25K

As spots become available, people on the waitlist will be selected. Selection will be based on their order on the list. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected. If you would like to add your name to the list, use the green "Register" button on this page.

Waiting for participant to respond


Waitlist Applicants

83 Applicants
Order  HomeRank
1    Kelly Linman Seattle, WA51.9%
2    Scott Marquis Spokane, WA79.6%
3    Noah Sosin Leadville, CO70.1%
4  photo Dan Zolnikov Littleton, CO67.7%
5    Christian Gilbert Waconia, MN67.9%
6    Brian Tang Cornelius, NC46.1%
7  photo Teonna Zaragoza Hillsboro, OR59.7%
8    Heather Cox Columbia, MO81.4%
9  photo Henry Kibit McMinnville, OR72.8%
10  photo Leah Brown Portland, OR89.9%
11  photo Lisa Ryan Salem, OR59.8%
12    Lucas Soden Anchorage, AK70.8%
13    Zeke Campfield Missoula, MT69.0%
14  photo John Baston Portland, OR68.9%
15    Joseph Butler Damascus, OR 
16    Guinevere Allen Ketchum, ID59.9%
17    David Stormo Portland, OR 
18    Erich Melcher Hamburg, NY 
19    Kimber Keplinger Lookout Mtn., TN99.5%
20    Megan Papineau Richmond, VT75.5%
21    Ross Fleming Vancouver, BC67.6%
22    Justine Calcagno Portland, OR67.1%
23    Ann Bangah Bellingham, WA74.4%
24    Robert Ofarrell Portland, OR63.9%
25    Brian Owen Sherwood, OR 
26  photo Sean Hoover Bend, OR82.4%
27    Katy Laverdiere Grand Junction, CO73.4%
28    Kaitlyn Reul Crestwood, KY71.2%
29    Shannon Black Vancouver, WA78.1%
30    Noah Dusseau West Grove, PA 
31    Sungkrit Photinee Oregon, OR 
32    Jeffrey Divine Denver, CO60.2%
33    Lainie Yarris Portland, OR69.5%
34    Isabel Barichievich Spokane, WA70.6%
35    Maggie Fowler Atlanta, GA95.0%
36    Jordan McPhee Normandy Park, WA 
37    Alexa Derby Post Falls, ID 
38    Bing Wang Lake Oswego, OR60.5%
39    Sean Fox Portland, OR79.3%
40    Heather Johnson Vancouver, WA68.9%
41    Tom Madden San Lorenzo, CA 
42    Derek Moore Albany, OR62.4%
43    Maja Trucco Beaverton, OR64.2%
44    Paula Jakopovic Omaha, NE65.9%
45    Melissa Welsh Sherwood, OR 
46    Gayle Pellizzer Clovis, CA79.5%
47    Jeffrey Goon Buckley, WA76.2%
48  photo Kellie Thompson Erie, CO78.3%
49    Jason Turner Viper, KY59.6%
50    Tiffany Bellize Geyserville, CA67.6%
51    Mike Ziegler St. Louis, MO 
52  photo Ben Brown Seattle, WA94.2%
53  photo Garrick Arends Garden City, ID81.9%
54    Kevin Sell Minneapolis, MN65.3%
55    Nick Taylor Mesa, AZ70.2%
56    Lindsay Phillips Arvada, CO81.5%
57    Tasha Nott Calgary, AB80.6%
58    Adam Arms Portland, OR 
59    Curt Mueller Portland, OR57.4%
60    Mitch Schram Portland, OR 
61    Elise Lagerstrom Wood Village, OR93.3%
62  photo Yevgeniy Mayevskiy Newberg, OR60.7%
63    Steven Dryer Holmen, WI57.6%
64    David Mirabella Arvada, CO 
65    Heather Wisner Salt Lake City, UT80.4%
66  photo Tiffany Stilwater Kenmore, WA69.0%
67    Morgan Breshears Beaverton, OR81.6%
68    Denise Stetson Hood River, OR68.3%
69    Heather Mock Lafayette, CO63.0%
70    Benjamin Hoad Hong Kong 
71  photo Noel Tavan Portland, OR77.8%
72  photo Shannon Oliver Portland, OR64.3%
73  photo Jenna Fribley Springfield, OR62.7%
74    Russel Nichols Heppner, OR70.4%
75    Declan Faulkner Great Britain63.1%
76    Deepa Bharatkumar Portland, OR69.7%
77    Dylan Rossbach Missoula, MT 
78    Scott Malbasa Portland, OR87.2%
79    Erika Aron San Diego, CA70.5%
80    Lacey Hammersley Shoreline, WA 
81    Matthew Mooberry Rancho Cucamonga, CA 
82    Kevin Cooper Beaverton, OR77.4%
83    Rocio Villalobos Austin, TX76.1%