San Diego 100 100 Miler
Lake Cuyamaca, CA
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  1. Todd
    Todd Vogel  - May 23, 7:02 AM
    Greetings all! I am seeking a ride from Bishop, CA (or nearby) to the race. I have a complicated logistic post-race, involving flying out of SD and then joining family, returning to Reno, NV to complete my circuit, hence no vehicle. I only need a ride to Cuyamaca and can be self supporting once on site. I am a friendly 53 yo, willing to share conversation and expenses of travel. I can also get to LA via the Mammoth to LA flight, arriving Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, early, so a ride from LA would help me out as well. Thanks for your consideration - Todd Vogel
  2. Rich
    Rich Brownlee  - April 9, 10:50 PM
    Greetings. I'm looking to carpool from downtown San Diego to Lake Cuyamaca in the early afternoon on June 8th. I only need the one-way trip up there. Happy to provide fuel or food in exchange. Thanks!
  3. Todd
    Todd Vogel  - March 30, 9:33 AM
    I'm currently on the wait list but if I get in I'd be looking for a ride to SD from Bishop, CA. So if you are driving down from Tahoe or Reno I'd be interested in a car pool to the run. I have a ride back. Todd Vogel 760-920-0774 texts ok. Thanks